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Save them bc you never know if in the near future you can make a journal/book with your ‘‘poems.’’ That’s what I call them beautiful poems coming from the heart. thanks for sharing them with us.


I stumbled over this video it’s a bit long, but I think it won’t hurt to see what actually happens to our waste of anything. Whether food, trash or whatever we throw out… it’s suffocating our planet. Pictures will give you food for the thought. :thinking:

I’m an avid recycling participant and donate clothing, shoes and furniture. I have more yard waste, paper/cardboard waste and some plastic bottles than trash. Still, I think I need to rethink shopping “strategies”, buying less is more. (I hate doing groceries trips)

One of the grocery stores have started a pilot program like bringing your own containers for filling your washing- and dish detergent, beer, soda and some dry food.

Upcycling is the way to go and having less as well… Checkout thrift stores, buy for less… seasonal things… (although because of demand, they have raised prices as well…)
Good luck everyone! :muscle:


True, but as the saying goes “work smarter not harder” the same goes for buying. We can incorporate some proven smarter way of living. This includes using natural straws, utensils, and plates, some of them edible. :wink::blush: I’ve watched YouTubers who travel, and these are only some of the things they encounter, and showcase. For example.

I ran into an article, where a Korean found a way to collect tossed out scraps, and make them into fashionable wear. At first when she started it was not easy, but now she’s well known, and has been featured in the main stream media.


What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?

That’s what the video shows, upcycle from waste, but even the bioplastic produced from avocado pits will take up to 1 year to dissuade if thrown away or landing in ocean.



Hoping you are ok and just having a long nice vacation. BE SAFE>>>>> Missing you…:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:





My dear friend, now there is no more hope, silent is now your heart, tears of pain,
Rest in peace :cry:

I miss you :heart:


Someone you know, are close to?:dove:


All is well with me
Thanks for your interest :heart:



A YT Short
Don’t Miss This!!
Especially his Epiphany! ! At the end!! You may have to listen again, to catch it! Please do!:ear:
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Wowee! Cupcakes!

Hmmm. Wonder if we could find spokespersons for . . . Cutie Cupcakes.


Those colores included? I’d think that’s a stretch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Actually I wanted to answer you in detail, but no, I won’t do it :roll_eyes:
Since my English knowledge is really not my strong point :grimacing: :joy:

But I think his explanation is just great :slight_smile:


Please do! Write it in detail in your mother tongue, even though google gets things wrong, at least you’re on the other end to agree, or disagree with what I understand. So! Please :blush: write in detail! :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too! So on point!


That is wonderful. Hard to live out. Hard to own. But wonderful.


I do it everyday, at the airport where I meet, and greet all kinds :grin: the trick is time limits, :wink: and never take anyone home :rofl:


“I don’t find there to be a sophisticated debate about cultural appropriation in the media,” British critic and writer Afua Hirsch told George Chesterton in a GQ UK in a September 2020 story prompted by Adele being photographed in a Jamaica-flag bikini and bantu knots. “It’s less the act and more the ignorance behind it that is the issue,” Chesterton wrote, further quoting Hirsch, who said, “I’m often asked to come on TV whenever a pop star wears cornrows and defend the idea that I would like to police their hairstyle. There is little interest in the broader picture of imperial racism and white supremacy that forms the context. So it ends up being a reductive conversation about whether it’s OK for white people to do something, which is not my business.”

Miles-Hercules (who uses they/them pronouns) echoes that, noting, “I’m very rarely interested in the individual, but more in the structural level, because racial inequality is rarely individual.” As an example, they point to platforms like TikTok, “where they’re actually censoring Black content and boosting white content that’s being stolen.” Due to those types of inequalities, they say, “We have to step in on a structural level.”


Am I going to call shaming one young woman in social media "a sophisticated debate about cultural appropriation" because it is done by biased Internet influencers and NOT by objective historians, scientists, educators, or people who truly care about all humans compassionately existing together?

I will decline all invitations to that party, thanks.



Which one is it?:rofl:
The scientist etc., or the biased internet influencers?