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The fact that Oily was praising her and in total agreement with her “new” face. :persevere:

Apparently its a norm for her to change how she looks, which isn’t wrong… but her changes makes her look a diff. race each time. It’s Asianfishing at the moment.

I don’t understand the obsession some people have with trying to look like a different race. I can understand appreciating another culture, but changing your features is quite otp.


Flying Big Brother? :woman_shrugging:t5:
From The Weather Channel Android App:


They’re in a different kinda bubble. :wink:
This tweet :thought_balloon::thinking: are all these pics of the same person? This tweet really belongs in ‘Your Laugh for the Day’ thread :thread: :joy:


New era new race! :joy:






Pray for me pt2

What I understand from the video in this link:

  • The source of debilitating pain is Fibrin.

  • Systemic Enzymes is natually produced in the body, and eats Fibrin, but it drops off producing after age 27, and keeps dropping.

  • Fibrin is naturally produced in the body, and never leaves the body after it’s produced.

  • Fibrin is useful for clotting, and sticking together body cells.

  • Heal-N- Soothe is a bottle of natural fruits, and roots that helps in the production of Systemic Enzymes, especially after it starts dropping off production around the age of 27. Decades ago, the study, and discovery was done by a German doctor. He studied why young people recovered from aches, & pain faster than older adults.

  • The first Free bottle of Heal-N- Soothe, leads to a lifetime cost of paying for each bottle, costing upwards of $69.99 each time.

  • Some natural products found in Heal-N- Soothe includes: Pineapple, Papaya, Ginger, Turmeric, etc.


Video is 47:19 long



Well Turmeric is known also for pain management and supports other things, I used to make Golden Milk when repairing my house and working a lot in my big yard, you can also make turmeric paste which is like a concentrate you can then just use it in cooking, mix with milk or hot water, and make sort of pastilles for the freezer which are then ready to feed dogs and cats. Turmeric is also fed horses when they have ailments. - Turmeric needs 2 components in order to be absorbed properly: fat and black pepper. Just consuming turmeric powder (supplements) without these won’t deliver same result.

Also Ive read that some folk use the herbal remedy for pain management is the ghost pipe. This interesting plant was growing in my backyard and I made a tincture which turns very black.


Thank you for the added information on turmeric, and the ghost plant! :smiley: And to think it was in your own back yard, rare find indeed! :blush:


That is true, this plant grows only in special condition places, mines grew next to hemlock tree fence in a shady, undisturbed place under leaves, you can usually search these in the wild. As it doesn’t have chlorophyll it’s in shady places. Also, when harvesting leave roots so it can regrow next year. Mines had slightly pink flowers… they are known among herbalist but not so to others; it carries many different folks names :grinning::ghost:



I am using termeric & black pepper to lower diabeties num bers as well