Thoughts for you/us to ponder


That’s quite a challenge! :wink:


mine was #2 just recently, I think I am over it now


The “4 agreements” are like guidelines or tips given by the author to live a life with more meaning:

The 2nd agreement chapter begins like that:

I completely forgot about this book until your post.



No retirement? :stuck_out_tongue:


nope for them


Child labor, no retirement, no vacations, no rights … poor bees! :open_mouth:


they slowly die out I guess



that is so interesting, they do the pollination and if we lose them , we have lost a lot besides bees


my favorite hobby other than genealogy of course, something I didn’t know and may be older than this.

ever hear of “worry Knots” thats is you crochet those knots and not worry




y’all have a GREAT & BLESSED DAY


this goes right along with that one


just trying to catch up


did you know? I didn’t!



@frustratedwriter Mary, you just reminded me of this! :slight_smile:


that was a cute drama, I think it had 2 seasons. yeah would love to watch it again.


Losing and relearning your mother tongue

Wowwow now, let’s not be hasty :boxing_glove: overthinking can be the best engine for personal growth :wink:


Maybe in that case it isn’t called “overthinking”. :wink: