Thoughts for you/us to ponder


well you know you can make a mountain out of a molehill, and other silly sayings, its you think too much,and some of pour dramas says something to that effect too.


In Dutch we say:

“Don’t make an elephant out of a mosquito!” :rofl:


Had to look it up, since my brain ain’t ever silent for a second, the distinction wasn’t clear. According to Wikipedia, it is essentially when over analysing leads to decision-making to become paralyzed. In other words the solution is simple, in order to turn it from a negative thing to a positive, develop mental tools to avoid the “paralyzed” part.


there ya go a solution to a problem


Although your skies may be cloudy dont loose hope. The sun is just is just on the other side.









a lot of us need this today, we do matter, just remember its the little things we do for someone really matters

this goes right along


When I read this, I thought it was talking about you.


well thank you!!


this is for our nurses that dont get enough recognition
I don’t like that swear word, and can’t delete it, but its still accurate for this one




Nurses are so great (not always though :sweat_smile:) and they are more qualified than some people realize. I have lots of family members and friends who work in the medical field, some as nurses, and I got to shadow them for some projects. They really don’t get enough recognition :upside_down_face:



this is for some special people here






one more for now





oh I don’t forget!