Thoughts on Nevertheless?


Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’m on episode three now of Nevertheless, and I have heard some mixed reviews about the show but still wanted to give it a try! I like it so far except the main male character annoys me sometimes and makes me feel a certain type of way lol. I want to stick with the show but I would love to hear anyone else’s opinions on it! Did you enjoy watching it? Is it worth continuing? Anything special you got out of it? Thanks!!


I’ve had similar experience with shows I started watching. Instead of pushing through, I drop the show. Lately it’s how much air time, and script they give to the side stories. Nope I have not watched this particular show.


I only finished Ep. 1

I’m not a fan of how the FL kind’ve fawns over ML like she’s never seen a hot guy before. She’s lacking a bit of common sense in that area and from what I’ve read, her character is like that throughout the whole drama.

What turned me off was how she was trying to show ML that she smokes but she chokes on the puff because obviously she wasn’t a smoker.


Yeah, I understand. I don’t really know how to explain it besides that that scene made me uncomfortable. It’s a combination of me not being used to seeing young actors in kdramas smoke so much and almost that she wanted to gain his approval somehow by smoking. Like she gave in to peer pressure a bit? Idk. It threw me off I think.


Hi. I have this image as wallpaper on all my devices (computer, laptop, phone and smartwatch) ever since I watched it, a few months back. I like him a lot and I have a soft spot for butterflies. But I dislike her as much as I like him, since I’ve seen her in Abyss. She matched the line of the story and they had a good chemistry, but It could have been better. It was interesting, but I wouldn’t watch it twice (and I have a drama that I watched it 7 times until now, that’s how much I liked it). You should finish it, it’s ok, but don’t rewatch it. Hope this help’s. Have a nice evening. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks so much!! I think I will finish it since I’m almost halfway through now. I don’t want to leave it unfinished and maybe I’ll like the characters more as I go on. :relaxed:


Here was a thread started during the show! Might have some discussions here!

I love Song Kang so I’m biased - I do not like her!!!


thanks so much!!!


Well, I liked Nevertheless and I enjoyed watching the drama. I know a lot of people did not. I thought the cast did a good job with their roles and I especially appreciated the directing. The script was fine with me and so was the ending. (And a lot of people didn’t like the ending) Frankly, it was refreshing to see a college drama with characters who acted like college students as well as characters who were a mix of good and bad traits, who were making choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices. I also liked to see a drama with a more realistic take on sex in relationships. I did not find the male lead “toxic”. Did he have commitment issues-yes. BUT- He never tried to deceive the FL. In fact, the opposite-he was very clear about what type of relationship he wanted and it was up to her on whether she wanted to accept him or not. Later in the drama we find out that his reputation may not be all that it is reported to be. Likewise the FL was not a sweet angel who was duped by ML. She went in with eyes wide open. FL also had flaws and issues. As to the ending-My take was that FL was being true to herself and her desires. Drama makes the point that all relationships involve risk, regardless. Maybe things work out or maybe they don’t. We are all taking a chance. FL decided to do the same. I would definitely say to keep going with the drama.


Woah, thanks so much for this in-depth review!!! I just finished the next episode and I think I’ll keep going with it after hearing a lot of opinions! I like what you said at the end, that the drama makes a point that ‘all relationships involve some sort of risk’ thought that was really insightful so thank you!! This was a take that gave me a different perspective :blush:


You’re welcome. I’m glad that you decided to keep going with the drama. There is growth for all of the characters by the end of the drama, in my opinion, and that makes it worth the journey. Yeah, I think many people missed how the drama explored the theme of “all relationships involve some level of risk”, which surprised me because I found it to be obvious. And so the ending made perfect sense to me. FL had tried to live without ML and was miserable. She missed him and he missed her. So FL decided to be true to her desires and follow her heart. Both ML and FL were taking a chance on love.

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Thank you Thank you! I do not see him as TOXIC either - I hate that word!!! MDL they are so well known to call everything TOXIC and it makes me crazy - is he a flirt (YES) is he a player (YES) is he very good looking (YES) but you can take him for what he is or leave him! Definitely having eyes wide open - relationships are hard and they have to make choices - maybe they do fall in love - maybe they don’t but no one here didn’t know what was going on!


Hello. I’ve already watched it all, and I can’t say that it’s just damn cool. Not bad enough, if there is nothing to do, then you can watch and kill time :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly. ML wasn’t an angel, but he never tried to hide his character or deceive anyone, or be abusive, in my opinion. FL knew what he was and decided to take a risk. For me the toxic person was the older ex-boyfriend. I understand where you are coming from about MDL. Some of the comments can get a little extreme sometimes. What was funny is that the female lead’s best friend was exhibiting some of the same “toxic” behaviors-playing around, flirting, commitment issues-but no one ever called her out about it on MDL or said she was a “red flag”. Rather interesting. Also interesting that many at MDL did not see one of the main themes of the drama: all relationships involve risk. The 2 girls were both hesitant to move forward with their relationship because that would risk the friendship and status quo. They both were risking rejection if they came out to the other person. The best friend and the guy friend was a similar reverse take on the main leads relationship. The guy was risking his heart on the “playgirl”. They also had a “risking the friendship/status quo” element there too.

So True!