Three Days

Who is watching 3 Days?


Hi KaeTee!!! I haven’t see you in a while, How are you? Is it good Three days?

Is it good? I’m deciding to watch it or not… since Jang Hyun Sung & Yoochun’s in, because of those two, I might watch it. Any reviews? :smiley:

It is very good so far, good cast and tense enough to keep me watching.

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Hi Niennavalar! I’ve been out of commission, my PC died. I’m back in business now (I got a new PC over the weekend.) Three Days is AWESOME! I totally love it. There’s a lot of suspense and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I’m not sure if you know the story, but basically the President of South Korea goes missing and the prime suspect is one of his body guards (Park Yoochun).

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Wow, seriously?! There are only two people in the community watching this? Impossible!

Cooking ramen, getting ready to watch Episode 5!

never trailed an episode so far … because besides Yoochun … stories and other actors are also good … so always can not wait for the next episode.
ach… fights scenes is also very good … *****

yaa… han tae kyung … saranghaeyo …jeongmal ^^

The fight scenes are excellent. I don’t know who the action choreographer is, but he’s doing a great job with the fight scenes. I’m really enjoying this drama, lots of suspense!!!

From Episode 6:

I just joined kaeTee and I love this drama so far. I am at episode 5 now and the suspense is killing me.

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I watch it too :smiley:,is an awesome kdrama

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I was holding on to the edge of my chair watching episodes 5 and 6. This is a great drama; I’m really impressed with the fight scenes. They’re really well choreographed and Park Yoochun really delivers.

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Totally agree ! One of the best fighting scenes I’ve seen in kdramas. Yoochun is doing a great job.

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Have to get the word out that this one is great and well worth watching

I’ve been debating if I should start watching this now or wait til it done and marathon it!! :stuck_out_tongue: I really liked the trailer but I need to be in the proper mood for these types it is on my list to watch but just haven’t found the time sooooooooooo many dramas on the go right now even for me it’s ALOT LOL but I have a few ending next week sooooooooo just maybe I’ll start this one if you think I’d like it??