Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


we’re being very careful with our drama choices after being scarred so much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The ending of Alice drama! Uhhh it’s ridiculous.


I’ve been rewatcing stuff, probably because of all the scars from previous dramas, like @vivi_1485 suggests. :wink:


Ok, I spoke too soon. I’m not sure if I want to throw my laptop, but I certainly want to throttle someone. You know, just reach my hands through the screen and shake some sense into someone.

I’m watching season 1 of U-Prince, I’m half way through ep 7, if Prikkang takes Sibtis back after his 2nd attempted rape and countless cheating I’m giving up on her, I will not feel sorry for her if Sibtis cheats again. Also Key is far too good for her, she doesn’t deserve him.

3/4 through ep 7 Why do the female leads answer the phone and/or talk to the love rival in person? Especially when they’ve proven themselves to be as toxic as Pitta.

End of ep 7 Prikkang is an idiot, Never, ever accept a drink from someone you don’t trust, especially in a bar, and how can another woman set up another woman like that? Ok, now I want to throw my laptop.


Breath DEEP no Laptop crisis!


I’m watching series 3 of U-Prince (there’s 12, one for each ‘prince’) T Rex is the absolute cutest ever. I pride myself on never, ever giving into puppy dog eye with my kids, or any other, but I seriously think I’d give into his.


Happy Easter :slight_smile:




The Chinese dramas and their weird endings. Recently, it was

I felt like I wasted my time watching 30 episodes.



I didn’t understand the characters of this drama. :confused:


Yes, Twelve Nights was so… blaa, it went nowhere, what was the point of the drama? Or did they finally end up together and I completely forgot, possible, the drama was forgettable.


It’s one of the dramas that I have actively tried to forget, such was my frustration at the totally absurd and idiotic scenario. And no, they didn’t.


Ok This is Going to be Unpopular I think - I LOVE LOVE LOVE and did I Mention LOVE Park Hyung Sik. But I think Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has a lot of plot holes, and unnecessary written parts. I really think the romance is taking way to long. I love him and he is a wonderful actor who I think does not get the credit he deserves. I am only on Eps 8 but I WANNA THROW MY LAPTOP!!!


I was very upset at the unnecessary and crude slapstick involving physical pain (as exemplified by the goons), as well as at the disrespectful and downright racist depiction of the Indian spiritual man, who was shown as an utter joke. And it’s not the first time that Korea looks down on India and Indians.


Oh I’m sorry you felt that way. I didn’t get that part from it. I think the slap-stick part of it is not my cup of tea. I like the more dark comedy of Vincenzo. I like the couple so much - so I am focusing on them. The bad guy and that plot line doesn’t really interest me either. It seems out of place. Kind of like another story.

@irmar oh yes you are my fellow “we hated” Something In the Rain person!


I had a friend just try My Love Eun Dong - she liked the start but stopped about 3 Eps or so in. She said it “Jumped the Shark”


confession time: THough SWDBS is one of my favourites, I skipped through the whole slapstick bad guys’ arc. I thought it was stupid and wasted time. I didn’t care about them in the hospital and tried not to be offended by their portrayal of the Indian monk.
The romance was fine, though, it’s why I like the drama. I like the different layers and growth of the main characters. I thought the bomb scene was really sweet. I liked that though she was a super-strong woman, she still had her weaknesses, and Min Min really was her other half.

Except for the very end where they took it way too far and made ML, who is supposed to be owning TWO whole huge companies, babysitting and getting beaten up by his daughters and Bong Soon comes across as totally uncaring because really whaT was that?


spoiler my dear, spoiler?


Cover your spoilers! I’m not done yet! I am in it for PARK HYUNG SIK only! I love him so much. I want him to have better parts he is such a GOOD actor! It surprises me as popular as SWDBS is that I really just don’t like it. The romance is taking way to long and their are two many PLOTS. Like Way too many PLOTS. They didn’t use Ji Soo very well either. So I’m actually really surprised. I am on Eps 11 and I will finish it.


So, I’m not crazy after all.


WHooooops, I am so sorry :tired_face: I keep foprgetting that there are drama fans who haven’t watched SWDBS :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: