Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


SPOILERS in BLUR PLEASE Something In the Rain

The CHEMISTRY here was OFF the Chain! I am still HOPPING MAD MAD MAD!

The 1st break up because of the toxic mom OK I got it. The 2nd break up MADE NO SENSE. He wanted her to go to America with him. He said they would never part and he was not willing to go to Hong Kong. Then BAM they were broken up and he comes back to a wedding! The ending was too rushed after the sweet relationship!

Throw the Laptop Across the room.

I even Wrote UGH in my notebook

Jung Hae In is so DARN CUTE though!


I’m not going to add to this topic because I think this whole dear community has had enough of me ranting over School 2015 and Goblin, so yes, I’ll spare you all. :joy: Those dramas gave me so much trauma that I have made sure not to watch any throw-the-laptop endings EVER.


It’s ca·thar·tic RANT away! I LOVE Goblin! It is my #1 drama EVER! I have not watched School 2015.

Seriously Something in the Rain makes my blood pressure go up!


It’s Rainy and I’m Making Sloppy Joes! Go Ahead Bring it On!


Should I feel good? Haven’t watched School 2015 nor Something in the Rain … I did watch Goblin, I enjoyed watching it, would I re-watch? I don’t think so, probably the earliest when I can’t get the story together again.

So, which drama made me mad, the ending … Let’s not talk about What Happened in Bali … I have erased that memory.
Madly in Love - yes I like to say, if you want a not as good drama and enjoy analyzing why and how and whatever, this is it and I just realized, yes this is a drama, that has a 2nd male lead getting the girl, but oh boy! Don’t make this the reason to watch it.


Hyde Jekyll Me - Made me Absolutely CRAZY! I love HB though he did the multiples great.

Doctors I have not finished. It started with a BANG and then frustrated the heck out of me

Fight My Way - I had to breath deep to get through it, it needed better story, more fight scenes

Witches’ Romance Could have Been SO Good! It got way to comical for me

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Park Seo Joon in What is Wrong with Secretary Kim - I don’t know why two of his dramas frustrated me. He is so good in Kill Me, Heal Me



Keep your Spoilies in the Blur! hahahahahah!


My Love Eun Dong was a drama I absolutely hated. Almost every single character made me so mad. That had never happened before. To this day I don’t understand people who loved it.

And Tribes and Empires is a throwing-laptop drama because of its cliffhanger ending. There is literally nothing after that ending. Not a single minute of footage.

Regarding “Something in the Rain”, I view the 2nd breakup as The Doll House plot. A woman who was handed down from her father to her first (asshole) boyfriend, to the second boyfriend, without her own aim in life except to please her family. At some point she had to cut it all that loose and find her real self.


I wish everything wasn’t so ABRUPT and we got to see a sweet longer reunion! The romance was so long and on going then BAM but I see where your going with that

Good to know I have that on my list


I loved it, really, and I tried to keep loving it as the story moved on … A drama I went back to a month later to check, if I got it all right. Somehow it felt like they made the female lead into an object and two little boys, shown as grown men shouted. That’s my toy!!! Literally every character denied that woman a free choice, except maybe the male lead later on, but only that she was then thrown back to her “manipulative” family and husband with no free choice again.


I would have many things to say, but I won’t. Because when I’m reminded of Something in The Rain and a couple of similar ones, my blood boils and I am in danger of having palpitations.
You know, that age when if your heart beats faster it’s not because of sweet anticipation, but it’s a medical condition?


I feel obligated to reply to this thread since I’ve commented a couple times lately about melodramas making me want to throw my laptop. :rofl:

Many of my laptop throwing dramas would be in my collection The Women We Love to Hate, it’s usually a nasty love rival or MIL that makes me want to throw it.

The most recent laptop throwing drama for me is Love Rain, it was a good drama, well done and well acted but Yoo Hye-Ri’s character, Hye Jong in 2012, drove me up the wall.

Another one would be Marriage, Not Dating just hearing Kim Hae Sook’s character say ‘Joo Jang Mi,’ ack, I still love the drama though.


Goblin was AH-MAZING till the end…I really got so frustrated at the end–what we thought would happen when the sword is pulled out never happens!! And the ending didn’t satisfy me at ALL, I’ve said it before…they should have stopped the drama when he comes back the second time. And make him mortal.
W was another one I wanted to scream at…everything was fine and nice till ML gets into the real world and that villain guy rips off the author’s face…then everything just went downhill and weird after that. Even the romance was nice and well-paced till that happened.


Yes, Yes Someone gets my RAGE over Something in the Rain! Bless You! I thought I was in the minority!


Two of my Favorites! Goblin being my #1…I love Goblin and W! That’s why the world revolves around drama and we all have AWESOME opinions!!! You are guys are great!


I was making sloppy JOEs yesterday and this thread came into my head. Probably your fault!


Naaah! If you head to a website which will remain unnamed, the only one that has still a comment section under each episode of the dramas, you will read the expression of massive collective rage by the majority of viewers.


@kdrama2020ali & @irmar, bonding over irritation :joy:




Why so Quiet! No LapTop Throwing happening???