Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


Update: I finished it! I did think there was some nice Romantic Lines by Park Hyunk Sik but overall not my favorite series. I look forward to watching him in Suits and in Hawrang!


I thought Hwarang was super-lame.


Oh NO REALLY - We shall see I love all the actors in it

I am LOVING Tale of Nokdu


I watched Bride of the Century and had lots of fun. The plot was really good(yes, fantastical and funny with the ghost and all, but I forgive it). FL had spunk and ML was adorable once his arrogant chaebol self was torn down. I actually looked forward to FL tearing down his walls because they’re just so funny together. I found the ghost hilarious and not scary at all.
…till the last few episodes, the whole thing just made a huge U-turn into complete trash. I still don’t agree with FL’s dumb decisions. She was so cool at first, i don’t know what made her like that. Without my superhuman self-control (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), my laptop would have flown out the window more than once.
The drama ended well, but the bitter taste of the stupid decisions still makes me hesitant to recommend it wholeheartedly :expressionless:


Hahah I’m mainly following this topic to see what to avoid or to feel relieved I didn’t choose to watch certain dramas :rofl: A lot of them are appearing here.


Same. I loved him, I didn’t feel that she grew throughout the whole drama and when it ended I was like, “WTH just happened!?!?!”


Which Show??? SWDBS??


I also loved Tale of Nokdu, I thought it was fantastic.
Anyway, when you watch Hwarang, come back and tell us what you thought of it. I thought that even good actors like PSJ weren’t their usual good self there.


I LOVE the ML - He is so handsome and bad@!# but also venerable and beautiful. The story is so engaging I almost stayed up way to late last night!


So you don’t have to go to the TOP here are my most frustrating or not fav list

Something In the Rain This one made me so MAD
Hyde Jekyll Me (not fav)
Witch’s Romance (not fav)
Fight My Way (not fav)
Clean With Passion for Now (ML was not for me)
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (pls give a chance because so many people do love it)
Doctors - (I didn’t even finish it and it started good)
Noble My Love (definitely not a fav}
Weightlifting Fairy (not a fav but OK)
Romance is a Bonus Book (Don’t like the FL lead - I love LJS)


what was frustrating about Weightlifting Fairy? :thinking: I watched it a long time ago and remember thinking it was just another fluffy little romance…it was quite predictable throughout and made for teens.


Not frustrating I guess I just didn’t like it. I do like Nam Hyuk though he can swim all he wants


But i enjoyed watching hwarang. i love it whole heartedly. i dont know why you felt its lame ?
For me the story is soo good. Its not like every episode has a cliffhanger in the end and its not boring either! I enjoyed each episode from 1-20.
And the final episode i liked it very much! It just goes on… and i fell for both main leads.
May be i think i dont know that psj didn’t do well because I’m busy watching those 6 handsome guys…!


I’m looking forward to Hwarang - isn’t it funny how we all have different tastes and likes and don’t likes.


You mean dislikes. I never finished watching Hwarang bc the face of the cast look too modern for that role in that ‘‘era’’ and those wigs were cheap looking, taking their cuteness away. I know you’ll love it too. I personally found it boring, but I know if i was young I would’ve rave about it.



ANYONE have any NEW Throw Your Laptop MOMENTS!


I’ve just finished The Love Knot. What is this ending?


Not a recommend then! I am not wanting to Throw my Laptop!


“Bad Guy” SBS 2010.


Oh, yes… Eat that last meal she cooked, for God’s sake!