Time to talk about our artwork!

Let’s talk about our work: cover pages, technics, softwares, tips, etc!!


Yess! I was waiting for someone else to start a topic in this category, so I could hover around and pick up some tips XD


Yeahhh, great topic!! Some tips would be great!!!:slight_smile:

If you have questions, or artwork to ask/share, don’t be shy :slight_smile:

Great idea! I really wanted a topic like that, but I wasn’t so sure if people would join in the conversation.

So, what softwares do you use? I work with Photoshop CS2. I don’t know a lot of fancy techniques, so I usually visualize what I want to do (a sort of draft) and then I start looking for tutorials that will help me get there. Most of my designs are quite simple and I don’t think they’re so good, but I enjoy making them :slight_smile:

I use photoshop too, I pick up my ideas from tutorials too, or if I already have a good inspiration to begin with.
The last one I did was for Innocent lilies. I picked my idea from one of the original image, which was a king of stained glass.

Or I used a photoshop tutorial for the design I made for the french wall of The Heirs:

with this tutorial: http://www.photoshoplady.com/photoshop-tutorial/making-a-castle-of-imagination/


I really loved your design for innocent lilies! You’re really skilled, @miliefleurie! My last design was for I Hear Your Voice:

(It continues with the characters and all, but it’s too big so I won’t upload the rest xD)


Photoshop is hard at the beginning but I like it so much, I would want to try all the tutorials!!!
The castle for The Heirs took me about 4-5 hours. The one for Innocent Lilies, about… hum… 5-6 hours.
It takes me a lot of time because I’m not really fast :slight_smile:

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@miliefleurie I’m really glad you started this subject, since I really wanted to know which software you used since I found the design for innocent lillies as well as the one for heirs really amazing.
Alors je voulais te dire bravo pour ton travail et vraiment merci pour tout l’effort que tu fais. :slight_smile:

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Alors, sur mon PC j’utilise photoshop et sur mon ipad j’utilise photoshop touch.
Je sais que adobe illustrator donne de bons résultats aussi, mais puisque je suis à l’aise avec photoshop je l’utilise au lieu de illustrator.

Je crois que je dois alors essayer, espérons que je serais aussi douée que toi un jour.

Photoshop tutorials:


I don’t use a specific website for tutorials… I just google it (shame on me. LOL)
Thanks for sharing that, @miliefleurie. It’s really useful :slight_smile:

I know one in french too, it’s for more basic tutorials. The ones on photoshoplady are hard to understand sometimes because it needs to us to know the basics. So I always end up trying for an hour the thing that it supposed to take 10 minutes!!!

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Oh, what is it? The basic one?

Me too! LOL
I didn’t use anything special on my design for I Hear Your Voice (I used stuff that I already had at the time). I must say it’s not one of my favorites… I wish I could have done something better!

Les bases, comme juste faire un ombrage, ou utiliser l’outil d’amélioration du contour pour faire un détourage… Je vais mettre le lien en revenant chez moi, c’est bien expliqué :slight_smile:
Luz, I use google very often too!!

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I use Photoshop as well, but stuff I do is pretty basic as it goes.

By the way, for anyone not interested in buying (or acquiring by other means) the rather pricey Adobe products…

GIMP probably does all you’ll be needing and/or you would be doing on PS anyway. And I hear Inkscape is like Illustrator for anyone who prefers vector work and stuff.

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Yes, gimp and inkscape can do the job very well. The only one reason I switch to photoshop is for the advanced features but gimp was amazingly good, and free!

What kind of advanced features?