Tips after graduating from segmentation programs Seg101 & Nssa


Sometimes, when we finish the segmenting program, graduation and all, we don’t really know how things would work in the jungle of Viki.
For you, what is better to begin with after graduation?
So for people who get past this check point, what would be your tips to new graduates from segmenting program?


I’ll tell you what I did.
I went to old, free films (no CM but viki) which were veeery badly segmented and I corrected the segments on my own. In some cases there was a CM so I asked. I did lots and lots of this fixing stuff.
This experience was and is still very useful.
Then I posted a message here in discussions that I’m a new segmenter available for projects and immediately I was swamped by requests. I accepted an old drama, where there was nobody rushing me to complete a part quickly.
After this, I’ll take another old drama, and only after that is over I will ask for a job in on-air dramas. New segmenters tend to be very slow, so you don’t want other team members not to mention viewers to be breathing down your neck.