To channel managers and moderators

So, first I am new at this. I always wanted to make subtitles and edit them, because I love to watch K-dramas, and it’s pretty sad when you like the history, but you can’t watch 'cause or you don’t understend in the language available or you think that is too complicaded had the subtitle not in your “mother language”. So, whoever need someone to subtitle or edit them you send me a message. I promece that i’m very responsible and reliable, then you will always count on me. My translation is ENG-POR, if you saw this and need me.

Hello dear,
and welcome to the Viki volunteer community!

First of all, you should write on this thread, which is pinned and everybody sees it, it will never be buried:

Secondly, the best way is to go on the Viki website, look for recently finished dramas and note down the names of Portuguese moderators. Where to find them? You will notice that on every page, under the title, the synopsis and the actors’ names etc…, there is a super long, annoyingly long vertical image, with the poster, again the names of the characters and their description, and if you scroll down, down, for quite a long time, you will FINALLY see the names of the subtitling team.
First there will be info on the English team, and then all the other language moderators.
So go ahead and copy-paste a dozen of such names.
Then write to each one asking if they need help for any of their projects. Be sure to write in Portuguese, and to take extra care to word it beautifully and without typos.
How to message someone?

  1. When you go to their profile page, under their name there is a little envelope. Click on that and you can send them a message. Since you’re there, check if this person is still active by looking at “recent contributions”. What was the last time she made a contribution? If it’s more than two-three months ago, don’t bother writing to her.
  2. You can go to your inbox and copy paste their username in the “To” field, and click “enter” Then you can write a subject and then your message.

Ah, and a third thing.
I noticed you replied to a thread of someone who was looking for Portuguese subbers. But you didn’t check the date of the first post. It was from 2017, three years ago!
Obviously the project would be finished since a long time ago.
So yeah, do check. You can also go to the project page to see whether your language has been finished or not. Sometimes there are some very old projects which for some reason have been abandoned, you never know. Go to any episode, from Settings choose the subtitles to be in your language and then, from the strip of episodes, check whether the Portuguese translation is done until the end.
If yes, don’t ask to subtitle it, you will only look ignorant, someone who writes before checking first, and why give a poor impression?
I know you’re new, that’s why I’m saying all that to you now. Someone told me when I was new, and it helped me adjust more quickly.

All the best!


I’m guessing you want to edit the Portuguese subtitles because you have so many spelling errors in English that there’s no way, you want to edit the English subtitles, right?

history= story… the history
understend= understand…don’t understend
complicaded= complicated…too complicaded
promece= promise… I promece

My tip for newbies is to not wait until work comes to you but to be pro active and PM people yourself. Check the contributors wall or the volunteers tab. Usually when there is a mod for your language you PM that moderator, if there is none write the CM. You do not have to send us your resume (some do) but just send a nice polite PM in which you state the Kdrama you want to work on and what position you apply for.

Portuguese is one of the more popular languages on Viki so as a newbie you must put yourself out there and be proactive. Write to a few Portuguese moderators and start building your ‚network’ on Viki. There are a lot of Portugese subbers so many teams might already be full but maybe they know an other project which still needs help to get you started.

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Thank you so much for the advices, I’ll pay more attention to the dates.
You helped me a lot, if you need something,you can ask me. I’m in debt with you, thank you very much <3

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Thanks for the tip, but my english will get better of couse, cause I’m brazilian, so yes I want to edit the portuguese sub and make them.

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I really appreciated your advice, I’ll be more proactive in search and check more. I’m thankful for your reply.

I read that you are brazilian, so…

Olá, tudo bem?
Você deve procurar os moderadores do português se a intenção é fazer a tradução nessa língua.
Normalmente, os moderadores que precisam recrutar, incluem tópicos aqui no discussões e como o direcionamento é na nossa língua, você verá que normalmente estará em português.
Em nossa língua há inúmeros voluntários, então sim, enviar mensagem aos moderadores dos dramas “em breve” é a melhor maneira de conseguir iniciar. Depois, fica mais fácil já que terá uma rede de contatos.
Infelizmente as minhas equipes estão completas, se não lhe ajudaria.
Mais uma coisa: vi que tem dificuldades ainda no inglês e em algumas palavras que foram corrigidas. Nunca tenha receio de pedir ajuda quando tiver dúvidas em algo que não sabe traduzir, o moderador está sempre disponível.

Espero ter ajudado.

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Ah, muito obrigada pela resposta, tenho dificuldades em escrever em Inglês mesmo. Mesmo não me pondo em sua equipe é já muito gratificante você ter me respondo e aconselhado. Obrigada.



Great! Wish you the best. You don’t have spell check on your laptop/computer/tablet/phone? Go to settings on your laptop and follow the instructions to add spell check. If you spell the word wrong it makes a red line to warn you the spelling of the word is wrong, and you can fix it by using a dictionary or (the best) some spell check like goggle chrome will fix the word for you.

Hi . I’m looking for dramas to translate from English to Spanish, Korean Spanish, Chinese Spanish.