To flee or to stay? :)


When I was young, I used to think the world looked like the one I could see. Although I knew there where stuff like the Sahara desert, I could see pictures of it, it never really clicked properly. I’m from a forest-ed country, with annoying deer mucking around, a helpful government with universal services etc. But also the unemployement, poverty (by finnish standards), rampant alkoholism, lack of people (which now is a good thing) etc. all around.
Though many of the issues have improved today, but are atill around to a lesser degree.

So I thought Finland was a dump I should escape, but felt hopeless about that the rest of the world was the same dump.

Now with age, as I have gotten a job and had the opportunity to see more of the world etc. I have come to relize that I might have taken things for granted and only seen the problems. My which to flee is slowly turning into a feeling to stay.

So I’m curious of how it has been for you where ever your from, if you the trajectory has gone up or down through ageing etc.? Is there things you have taken for granted or have you been the opposite, now you se more problems that positives.


Your moving post reminded me of this song:


ok here is my 3 cents worth.

  1. why, where you go you will still take your excess baggage.
  2. if you don’t like where you are at; change it
    3 note, rose in an onion patch
    means change also your attitude,

running away from your situation doesn’t work I only say this “been there done that” caused me more pain, regret and whatever else goes with it,

when you stay , face your problem, again if you don’t like where you are( the rose) change it or yourself.

Many times we don’t see a solution to our problem, and we rush headlong and make foolish decisions, just wait , be still, be patient( hehehheheh,me) and that answer will come.

find what you love doing and just do it.

Mattlock, don’t know how old(young?) you are I do know there is someone out there worse off than you, they need you. yeah you feel hurt, discouraged, dejected, disappointed, depressed. but look it, you have something worth living for, and people need to see that.

your smile? your talent? so you like to draw? A photo hound?

I’d love to see more of Finland, a place no one hears about, whats its history?

so I am a genealogy nut, ancestors and all, have you looked? where am I from, who is my family

ok I also have taken stuff for granted, I made wrong choices and have suffered for it. But I also have learned from those mistakes, maybe I can help someone with their choices, you understand what I mean?

so just hang in there ok?


Yeah, I pretty much fixed my baggage at this point, one reason for wanting to stick around is me changing things. Also I’m into politics, so I’m trying to improve this lovely dump. Your right about running away not being a solution. It’s something very human, I think, thinking the pasture is greener elsewhere.

I’m 31, last I counted. For me the main thing was the lack of job opportunities and Finnish ppl that made me want to go the most. Though, when I go abroad, I relize how finnish I myself am. Here the culture is more introverted and ppl respect your space, but it might be harder to get a conversation going than in Western Europe. I have come to appryciate this more with age.

I love history, but in a oversimplified nutshell. Finland was one of the last countries to industrialise and modernize in Europe. The Finland ppl see today is somewhat new, for most it’s history is was a poverty stricken swedish bufferzone that got regulary burned down and pillaged, by that eastern neighboor. The spirit of the winter war has had a great influence in our recent history, uniting the ppl and ushering in modernizing reforms that over the decades built the Finland of today.

Genelogy? I have a general sense of my genelogy and where it comes from, basically from around Finland.

Not to worry, besides being over-worked i’m fine. My point with this post is more to state that I’m learning to like it here and that this is starting to be behind me and wonder about how others have dealt with their journey from where they came and where their now. For me, the journey has been important. :slight_smile:

Rather I think I’m at a change point in my life where I finally got it good and wonder whats next, feels like I’ve lived one life already and now I need to figure out my next life. :slight_smile:


Mattlock, heres an old saying,

so the key is Don’t quit!!


For me it went extremaly up. I always wanted to stay in my country, I like my hometown etc.
But the political situation in Poland is such a mess, that I can’t even. It’s a joke.
We have some problems because of pandemic… what do to, what to do… Let’s ban abortion in cases connected to the health of the fetus! People go to protest? It’s their fault, that the virus is spreading!
The law is lacking, because we weren’t prepared for pandemic? Let’s just add the law, that people can’t refuse recieving the fine, just write down, that they recived it.
And many more. Like some people got sued for using christian symbol with rainbow (luckily they wasn’t sentenced, but you know, jail for something like that, eh). While other people can openly say that homosexual people are pedofiles and rapists and everything is okay. You turn on television and really see headlines like that. In public television.
I simply have enough. Sorry for rant.

I think at some point I will try to leave, just don’t know where to. Honestly almost anywhere would be better…


I’m glad you’ve decided to stay. Good or bad, it’s your home, after all. :grin:


Reading this just reminds me of the “grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” proverb.

At this point, we should all just migrate to the Himalayas.
But then we’ll inevitably have a difference in opinion. We’ll fight over the best spots to pitch our tents. The stronger ones get the better places because the others just want to avoid a fight or are too weak.
Everyone settles in. Suddenly someone asks “Why are the strong ones getting the best places?” A fight begins. The weak group form a union and protest. Someone sets a tent on fire. In the end, the most outspoken group wins. Peace reigns for some time. Suddenly the strong ones question why the outspoken ones won. Another fight ensues. The two groups split and live farther off.
Someone won’t like the smells of someone else’s cuisine and ask for the person to move. A fight will ensue. It descends into a fistfight and name-calling begins. People will come up to take sides. Those who can’t stand the noise form another group and come to battle. Another fight ensues. Finally, a wise man who everyone admires decides to take a leadership role. Everything is peaceful and quiet for a few years. We live our lovely lives and breathe in the freezing mountain air.
Sometimes people question why they have to adhere to Wise Man’s morals, doesn’t everyone have their own standard of morals?
Suddenly someone asks, “Who says Wise Man is the best leader here? I’m as capable.” A rebellion ensues. People get angry.

“I’m moving to the Sahara! I can’t stand it here!”

We’re all human. The government is human. People can be selfish and greedy.
I mean, have y’all seen world headlines recently? :scream: 7 out of 10 headlines are about violence, death or rebellion.


I like Poland, been there once and plan to go again at some point. Besides being stuffed with lot’s of people (like most of Europe, pop/density compared to Finland), it actually reminds of home somewhat, which western Europe doesn’t. From a very Finnish perspective, the Polish alcohol culture isn’t too different, the culture also seems more introverted than Western Europe. I’ve heard about the political situation, hopefully they get voted out at some point in the near future. :slight_smile:


Why do we have to kill each other if we all move to the Himalayas? Though I would probably be quite cranky in the Himalayas :smiley:
Conflict and conflict resolution need communication skills and a will to resolve the issue peacefully to succeed.


qualities half the population happily lives without


Greetings to all of you :blush:

Personally, it does not give me much to call another country my home. Which does not mean that other countries are not interesting…
Just at the word
“Argentina” warms my heart :blush:
For whatever reason
I saw on TV the other day, a bus trip from Frankfurt to Hongkong in 70 days :astonished: I found that nevertheless class and crazy interesting…
Although I actually would not be the type for it :joy:… It is really difficult

If there was nothing left to keep me here… Then maybe… But then I would have to overcome fears :grin:

Conclusion now this year I can say with certainty
I will not, cannot and will not leave my homeland
But who knows what will happen in the future
I might even be forced to leave my home :disappointed:
That would be so cruel :cry:
I leave the topic if I found it at all :grin: sorry :heart:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Are you even still a teen? so very wise beyond your years indeed, as another fan posted. If I’d not read your more recent post about you, and your best friend texting in class :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’d think we’d need a topic along the lines of chueen’s raised topic regarding fake or real name use on the web. @vivi_1485, you have something really special, advantageous, and rare, guard it well.


Mines is still on the rollercoaster :roller_coaster: :smile:

My-oh-my! All the babies have surely grown up, you a bit more than others :smile: even more than myself!
:jamaica: Experience teaches wisdom :jamaica:
Kudos to you!


Thanks! :smiley: Growing up means gaining something new, but also losing something. Hope your rollercoaster is the good kind. :slight_smile:


I like to look on the positive side of this roller coaster, and live, love, and laugh out loud! So my journey continues! Hopefully, I’ll have, as most of us on these threads wish, the opportunity to enjoy the seasonal beauty of S. Korea. :blush::blush::blush: