Too Many Commercials

Viki has evolved into too many commercials in each drama. With dramas divided into 6 segments per show, and now 5 (or more) commercials per segment, that’s 30+ commercials we are exposed to. Other channels have 4 segments of 2 commercials each…8 total. We have stopped watching Viki and moved to other websites, when possible, due to the excessive commercials.


so true thats really hard to watch

es cierto se complica mucho para ver un dorama no podes captar de que se va a tratar el capitulo porque se corta cada rato con los comerciales. ya he tenido que buscar otras paginas para poder ver los capítulos de los doramas que he estado siguiendo por este canal y es una lastima por es el único que te proporciona un subtitulado muy coherente.

Yes! I agree, it is becoming ridiculous… Makes me not want to watch on here any more. This station has the most commercials that i have ever encountered to watch a drama.

You all can avoid those commercials in 3 ways.

  1. You can volunteer and Sub or Segment so you can become a QC
  2. You can use AD blocker
  3. You can buy viki pass

Viki is the only website , where you can watch On Air dramas so fast and where you can watch your favorite dramas full subbed, without waiting to long thanks to the own work of awesome volunteers here.

But since everything is already explained by other ppl here on viki just read the posts here

Viki Changes and Viki Pass

Everything is explained at this topic.


Yes become a QC or buy a VikiPass and you can watch without ads.
I sometimes had to watch Kdrama with ads because I couldn’t login and only got 4 maybe 5 throughout a whole episode so I have no idea where your amount comes from. Also some content provided to Viki does contain ads like some TvN Kdrama, that has nothing to do with Viki itself.

If you are really get so many ads from Viki and they are not in the video itself, write the help center.
Also years ago our computer was infected with spy/mallware causing things to pop up when a site was pop up free. Have you checked if your computer is spy/mallware free?


The amount of commercials you get on mobile and on a full os are different. They are right on a full os it’s almost the same as watching it on tv. My thoughts though is that I’ll become an QC and since I’m not paying for it I don’t mind the commercials for now.

You can’t use ad blockers any more. The video would not even play with ad blockers. Therefore people have to put up with the multiple ads. This is forcing people to get the Viki Pass or just put up with the gazillion ads out there playing. Even with websites like CBS, you don’t get that many ads. These has too many.

It’s beyond normal on commercials since I’m sitting here watching the same one over and over. The only problem is that viki doesn’t have a wide range of drama like it use to as well. I hope they figure out a happy medium.

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Words of wisdom.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is free


Seem to me even more ads came. 5 or 6 times per show and include 4 ads per segment.

I used to love viki, but they’re right, there are too many ads now. I remember when there were very few ads, maybe like 1 or 2, then I stopped using the app because I no longer had internet. When I came back, I was extremely confused as to why there were so many commercials. I’m watching “Strong Woman Do Bong Song” and there are 7 of them in the episode. This is an amazing place to watch foreign dramas, but the ads are too much. I understand that they need to make money somehow, but, if anything, they may be driving away many people that have no patience for ads and will not spend money on the vikipass.


I agree, they are a lot, and not only that, but often it’s the same ad again and again, which drives you crazy. Just like on real TV.
But that’s the whole point. To make you buy vikipass (or become a volunteer QC) to escape from that hell.
On the other hand, there are so few shows left that one can watch for free, without vikipass, that the people seeing those ads must not be very many.


They should just put the ads at the beginning of the video or at the end. I often recommend Viki to my friends but since they’re not QC, they always tell me that watching dramas on Viki is impossible because the too numerous ads prevent them to enjoy the story.


Viki purchase the license for many dramas and movies so it’s natural to have many commercials. If so, then how come Viki can survive? If bother with Vikipass, why don’t wait a little bit until longer? There’s nothing absolutely free in this world. Producers from those dramas and movies put effort in their work and sell their work to Viki. If you want something free, why don’t you contribute and enjoy the show? QCs often require at least 500 sub in 6 months but many QCs contribute more than 500 not just because they want to enjoy the free vikipass. I highly recommend using Chromecast with some unlocked drama. For example, some dramas like: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, Weightlifting Kim Bok Jung, Reply series, K2, Drinking Solo, I need romance series is already unlocked with Vikipass.


Have you already tried to watch a drama on Viki without using your Viki Pass? (you just have to not sign in) You will see how annoying the ads are. We’re not saying there shouldn’t be any ads at all, (like you said, Viki need them) but they’re too numerous and badly placed.


I used to do that. I watched Viki through Chromecast even though I didn’t log in, I could watch at ease with dramas that has been unlocked from Vikipass.

I counted them. 1 ad at the beginning of the episode and 4 ads every ten minutes. There is a total of 25 ads for an 1-hour episode. That’s a lot.
If Viki could consider decreasing the number of the ads, they could gain more viewers.


Final words, Viki is not freebies stuff. If you guys don’t wanna waste time, go to third party illegal streaming site without commercials but only 720HD. Only lag, spam, or even worst with popup ad! Don’t expect from DF, even worst!


I pay $3.99 a month to watch Viki which is cheaper than Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and all the other channels I pay for each month… It is cheaper than a cup of coffee at most places so I don’t mind paying