Top 3 K-dramas


I definitely agree!


My top 3 would have to be…

  1. Heartstrings
    2.My Love From the Stars
    3.To the Beautiful You


keeping post up…


hhhhhhhhhh yeah right!!!


Well for me my favourite are the first dramas i watched:

  • You’re Beautiful
  • Playful Kiss
  • Boys Over Flowers/Goong (Oh God i can’t decide)>>> I did eeny meeny miny mo, and I got Goong, so I’ll go with that! :walking:


You simply smart, Good idea :heart:


Lucky i struggled for the 3ed one :weary:


True!, or also the environment they are living in. it differs from one place to the other.


lol ehehhehehehe :speak_no_evil: , next time if you want 3 choices only, ask us for two so we can give you the three choices! i just think we are so obsessed on breaking the rules :laughing:


it’s amazing don’t miss it!!


these are my favs for this year!!


lolzzzzz!!! i’m dying right now!! :laughing:


you replied and then you removed it? Iam curious nowwwww T-T LOL did you curse me or sth ? o.o


hhhhhhhh No i didn’t, but i wanted to replay to someone else, but by mistake i chosen you .
cool down :wink:


wooow the views here broke the record :thumbsup:


lol it was just a joke no problem :slight_smile:


Can’t choose a favorite, but in my opinion: The great Doctor(aka Faith), My love from the stars and maybe Temptation.:slight_smile:


hhhhhhhh, it’s okay :heart:


Everything is fine then


omggg it’s written like that ? Lol i never thought about how to write it but this looks so cool :smiley:


HHHHHH, yeah me too i didn’t know at first, but then i searched it Lol (don’t tell anyone shhhh keep it a secret) Lolzz