Top 3 K-dramas


Arrgh so hard to pick.

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  • A Gentleman’s Dignity
  • Queen In Hyun’s Man

I love love love sageuk (historical/period) dramas but somehow none of them make it to my top three list. I’m currently watching I Hear Your Voice and that one just might replace one of the dramas above, though…


I have not seen “A Gentleman’s Dignity”…Yet. It gets such mixed reviews.

Oh and I loved “I Hear Your Voice” It may kick one of your top 3… Almost did mine.


Lets see.

  • The Master’s Sun.
  • Flower boy next door.
  • Dream High.


Secret Garden
Autumn’s Concerto
Heartless City

most under rated must see: Capital Scandal


master`s sun i cant help but love it


just for this year
master`s sun
gentlemen dignity , i dont know if it 2013 but i just start watch it

i dont have 3rd yet

  1. Gentlemen’s dignity
  2. I hear your voice
  3. City Hunter


its Gentleman’s dignity(i never made me sad)
then its hard really
but i go with dream high 1( so inspirational)
and 49 days(make you think)

list continues and this 3 got no order …

  1. Jumong
  2. Sorry, I Love You
  3. Heavens Coins I and II (A drama I can relate to in real life).


I’m a bigginer seeing doramas, you think it should be easy.
Let me see, for know i would choose:
a) Lie to Me
b) Secret Garden
c) Master’s Sun

i just love the Korean dramas that with 16th ep, we star laughing so tham much, and suddenly we are cring all over. Just silly :smile:


Yeah, I do really like the mini-series format. I was very used to many seasons of a show with American TV, and I still like that… But I like seeing lots of different stories over a few months.


The same, i’m a series additc, and i started seeing this as a joke and because, i’ve seen all americans.
It torns out i realllllly love k-dramas.


Master’s Sun and Big are my favorites too, but I have to add Vampire Prosecuter 1 & 2


Nice Guy, The Princess Man, I Hear Your Voice.


So Hard to choose… but rules are rules

  • The First Shop of Coffee Prince
  • Secret Garden
  • Protect the Boss


My princess
Scent of a woman
Secret Garden


Ahh…only three…

Playful Kiss___Oh Ha Ni is the best female lead character EVER. She’s loveable, believable, relateable, adorable…

Shining Inheritance___ the cinematography just owned me, especially the last episode.

That Winter, the Wind Blows__Jo Insung and Kim Bum.


Aww, I really liked Dream High, too


to the beautiful you! I love that one! AARrr I already picked 3 but I guess it would replace playful kiss. I don’t think I can replace shining inheritance or that winter


It’s definitely interesting to see what people put on their top drama lists :slight_smile:

Of course, it’s all really a matter of opinion/preference… But while I can totally understand some choices, some baffle me a bit.
And it also makes me wonder what aspect of a drama makes for something you really enjoy. Is it the story or writing? The emotions that resonate with you? The star-power and fandom? The tie-in to your real life events, as you were watching? Because while good writing/directing/acting theoretically make for the best kind of show, it’s not always those shows that linger within us, y’know?