Top 3 K-dramas


Yes it’s funny how some people can like a drama and others not. I think knowing the age of people could help to understand their choice.


hmm not sure …but i just finished watching Shining Inheritance. It was so good!!!


Secret Garden - I Hear Your Voice - Master’s Sun - Nice Guy
(Sorry, I can’t do a top 3! XD)



  1. Faith
  2. Autumn in My Heart
  3. Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz and Personal Taste (tie)


OMG I love Goong! I have to fix my top three right now. >.<

  1. Goong
  2. My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox
  3. Rooftop Prince

I seriously can’t decide, ARGH!!!


There are no order haha I can’t

King 2 Hearts
Queen In Hyun’s Man
I Miss You





q dificil …ummmm…

You Are Beautiful

Rooftop Prince

secret garden

aunq me gustan mas doramas


So far, and in no particular order…

Boys Over Flowers
49 Days
Shark (The Legend of Orpheus)

Rats! So hard to pick only 3!!


I have too many favorites, but if I’m forced to pick three, my faves are:

Queen In-hyun’s man
Prince’s First Love
Attic Cat

Tied with Attic Cat (third place) is The Great Doctor (Faith)


Great Doctor/Faith is in my top three as well. I couldn’t take my eyes off Lee Min-ho!


yes, I also couldn’t take my eyes off him lol
The drama was really great. All Eps were interesting. ^^


I LOVE 49 days too…It was such a good drama :smiley:


A Gentleman’s Dignity
Spring Waltz
And this was hard to choose between Past and Master’s Sun but Master’s Sun wins by a nose. :slight_smile:


aww we have the same fave dramas <3 I have not watched playful kiss yet but if I have time I would try :slight_smile:


I really liked 49 days but the end was a little bit … bitter…


Yeah it was sad but i think overall the message was: “live life to the fullest” :smiley:


I think spring waltz is a drama to see only once in life. was one of my first dramas I saw. was sad so I put in pause and then returned to finish it. I come to drama looking for Daniel Henney.


I fell in love with the music and the amazing color pallet. I have watched it many times. Now if I get nostalgic (it was my very first kdrama), I will go back and watch just the highlights. It was so long but fantastic. I had not seen Daniel Henney before but he was an acquired taste for me. I thought his acting was bad but it is not easy to be the only person speaking a different language. It’s a bit like acting with the wall, so I cut him slack there.