Top 3 Korean Dramas for 2021 available on Viki

What is your top 3 dramas of 2021 so far that are available to watch on Viki? There are too many Korean dramas to choose from (not a bad thing but there are only 24 hours in a day) and I would be interested in other viewers’ recommendations.



I loved Spring Is Green and I don’t like college dramas…

  • I am in the middle of Red Sky but special effects are awesome and I love the story.

I did not like Monthly Home Magazine
I want to watch Sell My Haunted House
Taxi Driver is suppose to be good -
I see you watched DOOM and Gumiho and didn’t like them - I however Loved Both.
Navillera & Vincenzo - not on Viki

Dramas You Are Looking Forward to in 2021


For me it was those four. After them the others are at a distance.

Yes, it wasn’t such a good year. Many sub-par romantic comedies/copycat fantasies with indifferent acting.


I said top 3 because I want the best of the best given lack of time to watch them all.


My favorite dramas from 2021:

Short Dramas:

The acting is phenomenal, especially of the possessed characters. The antagonist’s scenes have marvelous effects. Drone shots are perfect too. I don’t have any complaint from this show, however some people are annoyed by the really long previews of previous episodes. That’s because the episodes are only 10-15 minutes long but on Viki they are 20 minutes long just because of previews.

I am watching it solely for the story. The FLs acting is lacking, she vaguely smiles even in scenes where she is supposed to be crying. Other actors are really good. The story is unfolding pretty well and I never felt for even a second this drama is a waste. It’s also a unique time travel series. I do sometimes feel it is inspired by Orange (Japanese series)

16 ep dramas

It was a good drama, I liked the cast, the posters but I was somewhere lost in the story. Around episode 11, I felt like dropping. The same “forgets-remembers” thing was happening to the leads in episodes 11, 12, 13. However, the end was good. I felt the second female lead’s story was there only to make this drama last for 16 episodes. They could have made another drama for them. I guess in one episode, the story circled around the second leads and main leads appeared only for a split second (maybe). I won’t say I didn’t like this drama, however, I lost my excitement towards the end. Although, the emotional scenes were tooooo emotional. DO CARRY A TISSUE BOX WHILE WATCHING SCENES WHERE PARK BO YOUND CRIES.

Planning to Watch

Currently watching

I guess I wrote more than the information required :joy:

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No, I like this. You’re giving your opinion so I don’t have to go to the channel page of every single drama!


What genre do you like?

If you like dark crime thrillers:

  • Taxi Driver
  • Mouse
  • Beyond Evil

If you like romance:

  • Doom at Your Service

Comedy with romance splashed in:

  • Police University

I felt the same…I started River Where the Moon Rises but lost interest half way, same with My Roommate is a Gumiho, and I only managed to finish Doom at your service and True Beauty after several attempts. None of them ground breaking and the stories were a bit repetitive.

I thought Beyond evil started off really strong for the first three episodes but then lost it’s way. Sadly, another unfinished drama. I am going to blame it on the pandemic and hope things improve next year.


We are almost 100% match:smiley:! But, although I love a good romance and both actors, “Doom at Your Service” was kind of a disappointment. The leads’ visuals couldn’t save the day. The rest of your list, a total match!!!

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Do you mean this show? Or did two shows air with the same name? :see_no_evil:

Ah, I’m happy to see it here, it was an awesome show. I’m revising my previous answer, then.

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I dropped it :sweat_smile: But it was really really popular so I recommended it…

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Top 3 of 2021 will be hard, let me just figure out what I actually watched.

So this year my Nr. 1 drama was

  • Bossam - Steal The Fate

Better than okay dramas, sorry I can’t put them in order and I have not watched more dramas from this year … I think, I only got one left that I want to try, when it fits my mood and that is Times.

  • Sell Your Haunted House
  • River Where The Moon Rises
  • So I Married An Anti-Fan
  • Mr. Queen

I am afraid I can’t offer a Top 3 but at least I have a Nr. 1.:1st_place_medal: :wink:

P.S. This is kind of scary, as it is the amount of K-drama I watched in 8 weeks in my heyday. :ghost:


My Top 3 on Viki

  • Taxi Driver
  • Doom
  • Lovers of the Red Sky

My real top 3
Not available on Viki :pensive:

  • Kingdom: Ashin of the North (special episode)
  • Vincenzo
  • D.P.

The year is not over, my top could change because of Mount Jiri, The King’s Affection, The Silent Sea or Happiness. I hope Viki will get at least one of them. :crossed_fingers:


The 3 best K-dramas of 2021 here at RVIKI.COM so far…




Start-up (not on viki)
Hometown Cha Cha Cha (not on viki)
Flower of Evil (on viki)
Nevertheless (not on viki)

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Yes, You are my Hero! I have not finished it but I love it and I love Song Kang! :wink:


Found a good one to watch. Yumi’s Cells is enjoyable thus far. Hope it can keep up the momentum.