Top/Best K- Drama for 2013?!

Even though, it is just September now, you might have already chosen your “Top/Best” K-Drama for 2013? If yes,why was it the best drama for you (this year)?

For me
I will wait till Master’s Sun end before I make a decision. :slight_smile:


YAY! JOJOO!!! i like this

  1. Master’s sun( duh! i even skip lunch to seg on this drama…yeah i am so obsessed) this is my ONLY DRAMA for 2013…sorry gu gamily book, you were great as well but nothing beats master’s sun.

Other dramas worth mentioning:
Gu family book( great show and the viki team did such a fantastic job with this one)

When a man loves( i felt like chocking the life out of the girl but I still kinda liked the drama)

Incarnation of money( the writers were very clever with this. well written)

Monstar( Yeah I recognize it contained a lot of fluff but i still liked it and i had a good laugh with this one…besides, I was watching it with my sister so it made it even more fun)

I hear your voice ( ahh…i was watching this with my heart …my eyes sparkled anytime i saw the handsome Lee Jong Suk…)

Jang Ok Jung would have made it on this list but the middle part all the way to the end got really messy and lacked a sense of direction.


Yes, I feel the same about Master’s Sun!! It is really fun, no matter whether it comes to segmenting or watching that drama.^^

When a man loves: I heard about that girl. lol (I didn’t watch it yet)

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yes the infamous SO MI DO…hate her!


So far the best for me was I hear your voice! But we still have good dramas coming soon

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lol I also prefer (female) characters who are decisive and not like that So Mi Do.

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YES! MASTER SUN for me too, the best of the best this year, in second place Gu Family Book for me.


OMG So Mi Do is the female character I hate the most in a drama, When A man Loves is good, but her… arhhg

OMG I CANNOT believe i forgot i hear your voice…i need to add that to my list asap.


I swear , she was driving me nuts all the way and that stupid lover on the side made me want to K*** them both… I have no idea how she and the male lead got back together in the end…SMH…CRAZY!!

You are right, IF it was for me I could watch the drama without them, Hang Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) could keep me interested in the drama with him alone, those two just useless…

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So far nothing beats The Master’s sun for me but we’ll see if by the end of the year they’ll have anything else but i have high hopes for the New upcoming drama Heirs but we’ll see.

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I am looking forward to what Heirs has got to offer but I get a little wary of dramas that get so much hype…sometimes, they don’t meet up to expectation

Nobody votes for Nine? I do!

My top 5 K-Drama List in 2013 :
1. Master’s Sun

Joo Joong Won and Tae Gong Sil characters are just perfect for each other. Gong Hyo Jin’s acting as -half quarter- go bananas and So Ji Sub’s acting as callous and snappish guy are amazing! Even though, ghosts’ make up, themes and shooting quality are needed improvement… But who cares! Gong Sil’s acts to touch Joong Won like a hungry pussycat makes me lmao :-))

2. Incarnation of Money

It’s a great example for black humor. And of course very smart writings and great acting performance for whole cast.

3. I Hear Your Voice

It made me look forward to watch for each next episode. Based on being able to hear people’s mind is kind a foolish but yet managed to make me stand till the end of last episode.
Although Lee Bo Young is getting better and better day by day in acting, Lee Jong Suk needs time and more practise, and Yoon Sang Hyun is not the correct choice for Cha Kwan Woo role -Because he is perfect fit for acting as lawyer but too gentle for acting also as being ex-cop-… Anyway, still drama deserves a praise in total.

4. Monstar

Very good teenage musical drama

5. Childless Comfort

Many people might not be able to notice this drama because it’s not fully translated into English yet. But for me, it’s a very good family drama.

@chizzygirl Don’t you wish we had actual spoiler tags? >.>

As for best dramas, I’ll get back to you after the fall series come out. And I finish with the ones I’m watching/ planning to watch. sigh So many shows, so little time…

I Hear Your Voice and Two Weeks (unless it mucks up its finale week - doubt it) are in the running.

I still haven’t found time to watch through TEN season 2 or The End of the World. Don’t know that they’ll beat out the two up there, but they might make top…something?

And I’m still waiting to check out Heirs, Secret, Mi Rae’s Choice, Man From the Stars, The Strange Housekeeper, Unemployed Romance, Basketball, and Answer Me 1994, I think. So we’ll see!

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I miss spoiler tags. I’ve had a couple of accidentally ruined dramas this year (or at least episodes.).
My vote is
“I hear your voice”
“Master’s Sun”

Although I’m looking forward to Heirs, Secret & and The Strange Housekeeper. I don’t think they are going to top those two.

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Two weeks is soo good, def in my top3! However I am waiting for the finale, I am afraid of what the writer might do,but so far it is awesome.

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Yes,SPOILER TAGS for the win!

Gosh I think my head is gonna explode with all these dramas I have to keep up with. Just like you said, too many dramas but so little time. I have to break down my watch list unless I would be stuck watching dramas and neglect real life. On my to watch list are : Heirs, Future choice, Reply 1994( I hope this doesn’t suck—you know how sequels fall short of their predecessors),

Ha! Well I want to catch premiere episodes and see if I like the feel. And then I’ll probably have to narrow it down XD

Yeah, sequels often try to ride off the popularity of the first show. But I hope and sort of expect 1994 to do a decent job. And it’s the same PD and writer as 1997, so that’s good :slight_smile: