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Thanks to everyone who contacted me!

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I had a look at the team tab of the drama, and I saw many people who I know are Other Language moderators just listed as “Moderator”, without the language. Maybe it’s a Viki bug, or had they already reached the moderation project limit?


@irmar I’m guessing it’s not a bug but a way to take up projects (since dashboard lets you take only 5 as a specific language mod) :wink: I think there is a gray zone like when you are about finishing a project but a new drama comes in. It could be just some days or 1 week “friction” but the 5 rule would prevent from taking up a new project. … no rule is perfect…

I have I think now almost 18 month waiting an occupied Mod position in my dashboard by a drama that nobody knows when it will air… yet it counts as a mod position without any result… such scenario was discussed before they implemented the 5 project rule… it’s not really productive!! I have another project I’m waiting for it to be released for OL… so that’s another project… not in progress… to complete…