Translate and segment

“Likit Kammathep” subtitle and segment drama. Need someone

I, english-spanish.

I can help segment…and eng-french

Well, welcome vanassa_chi

Merci et bienvenue a bor

de rien. C’est disponible maintenant?

What should I do if there are incorrect subtitles on locked videos? I just watched Boys Over Flowers and there were some incorrect subtitles. Like when Jandi is talking with Jihoo, he asks about Junpyo yet the subtitle is completely different… Oh well. I guess no one is perfect xD

oui c’est disponible je suis a la vidéo 5

Sorry i’m not sure but i think you should send a message to the one that sub boys over flowers or you can watch it on dramacrazy. bye

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never mind, je vais essayer de te joindre le plus tot possible.

Send a message to the channel manager or moderator for that language. They can unlock and get it fixed.

If you still need help I can help segmenting and translating from english to spanish :slight_smile:

ok thanks.

Me too English to Spanish.

thanks so much

Who is the Spanish moderator?


did you start translate in spanish? if yes you can count on mackar_pinar for help

is macka_pinar

sorry macka_pinar