Translators for various languages needed for Angel's Last Mission: Love

Hello everyone,

the Drama Angel Last Mission Love needs some Help!

Many languages started off to translate but never reached the final line (finish), so I am here asking for help in the languages which already started off.

I am searching for Subtitlers for Greek, Turkish, Lithuanian, Danish, Arabic, Slovakian and Albanian.

For the language Czech I am also searching, but if you are interested in subbing into this language you can write the Czech Mod (

If anyone here has interest and it´s not restricted in your region, please pm me =)



Hi! do you still need help with Lithuanian subtitles? I’d be glad to help:)


Heyyyy I can translate from English to Arabic, Arabic is my native language and English is my second since a kid.

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Hi, I can help in translating from English subtitles to Arabic subtitles.

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I want to help with English to Urdu subtitles.


I’m an Eng-port translator, if you guys still need help let me know

Hi, do you need help translating from English to Portuguese? let me know