Travel, a Dream or the Destination


Hello :hugs:

:smiley: Since I am now from Germany and have never really traveled in my life - at most to Denmark or Austria and that was decades ago - as is the case with the times, you think you just turn around to look behind, Schwubs, 10 years around :hushed: no matter… :wink:
I would love to travel to Crand Canyon
Or to the Stonehenge, I would also like to admire the Northern Lights, there are sooo many beautiful things to admire and look at … What are your Destinations and wishes?

:smiley: Da ich ja nun aus Deutschland komme und in meinem Leben noch nie wirklich gereist bin :grin: allerhöchstens nach Dänemark oder Österreich und das ist schon Jahrzehnte her :grimacing: wie das halt so ist mit der Zeit, man meint, man dreht Sich nur mal kurz, um nach hinten zu schauen, Schwubs, sind 10 Jahre um :hushed: egal…
Ich würde zu gern mal zum Crand Canyon reisen,
Oder zu den Stonehenge, zu gern würde ich auch die Polarlichter bewundern, es gibt sooo viel schönes, das man bewundern und betrachten kann… Was habt ihr da denn so für Ziele und wünsche??


Aurora Borealis - on my list too, it will be cold but well, …
Places I have not been yet, but still want to go:
Rügen, Roussillion, and many other places …


I lived in Finland for a year, but never saw the Northern Lights …
And that’s a long time ago, so would want to see Finland back.

Haven’t travelled much either. Apart from Finland, I’ve been in Sweden for a day. Not even in my neighbouring countries!

Some places on my wish list:



I would love to go to florida to see my grandkids but is not safe to get on a plane and traveling for 24 hours by car, is not in my plans any time soon with this virus still lingering around. Now the poor kids are dying. 2 died today in my area and 73 are sick some in critical condition. I should have add I won’t go anywhere close to my grandkids NOW, when NYC is so infected.


Lately I haven’t even left my town. Our government is already making plans for life to go back to normal ASAP, but personally I’m still trying to be careful.


Elementary schools here open this month, highschools next month. I think it was also next month that they plan to reopen sidewalk cafes. Other cafes and restaurants can reopen but only with reservations and a limited amount of customers. Even sex clubs will reopen. All with the one and a half meter distance rule.

Trains will start riding their regular schedules again. Train employees had suggested masks for both employees and travelers, but the government is against it, so it might not happen.

Regular shops (other than supermarkets) are still struggling how to realize the one and a half meter distance once they reopen, because they simply don’t have enough room.

There are still people dying here, but because the amount is less than before, the government just thinks: “Yay! We can go back to normal!”

$38? Then I would think you either bought a whole lot of meat, or it’s extremely fancy meat! I’m afraid the end is definately not near yet, but our leaders will force us to go back to normal …


es gibt so viele tollte ziele, für die ich erst eine bank ausrauben muss oder im lotto gewinnen muss.
beides unmöglich.
aber ich war in egypt, thailand, spain, croatia, austria, swiss, italy, mallorca, turkey…
aber ich bevorzuge, dank meiner kleinen wehwechen die warmen länder


Ich auch, hahaha. :wink:


I don’t think it’s necessary to travel around the world. The mass tourism is really bad for the nature and also for some cities. I’m glad that now there is no tourism bc they wanted to promote my area too and I’d hate it when tourists flood OUR living places as well as they’re already doing it in other areas. Places should belong to the citizens and it should be taken care for them instead of changing it to what tourists want (e.g. using small single flats just for tourists instead of giving them to locals, destroying living quality bc tourists are too loud so no one can sleep anymore or rising prices no one can pay etc.)

Some tourism (as it was in the past) is okay but not what we have today when a flight ticket is cheaper than a taxi drive within the city…it’s a waste of ressources and very bad for our climate too.

The costs for all the airplanes and airports are also immense:


Not to mention all the nasty diseases and parasites you can get in other parts of the world so if you’re already in panic bc of corona doesn’t make sense to travel around.


I was born in Latvia and lived there for 6 years and the countryside, food and architecture are amazing. I go back to visit my family once in 2 years and I look forward to it every time. Definitely worth a visit. :slight_smile:


It was also not about going on vacation or promoting places so that they would be destroyed even more by tourists who have no respect for other people and their mentalities, for ancient things oh no …
It was only about the desire to make it a goal, now I can tell you, in life I will not come to the Grand Canyon or actually see the beautiful Northern Lights :pensive: and yet it is a dream from my heart :smiley:
Don’t you have anything?

Es ging mir auch nicht ums Urlaub machen, oder Werbung für Orte zu machen, damit diese noch mehr zerstört werden, durch die Touristen, die kein Respekt haben vor anderen Menschen und ihren mentalitäten, vor altertümlichen Dingen oh nein…
Es ging einzig um den Wunsch diesen auch zum Ziel zu machen, jetzt kann ich dir sagen, im Leben werde ich nicht zum Grand Canyon kommen oder tatsächlich die wunderschönen Polarlichter sehen :pensive: und trotzdem ist es ein Traum vom Herzen :smiley:
Hast du da nix?


:grin: So ist es mit dem Geld :grin: notorisch pleite :woozy_face::joy:
aber du bist auch schon rumgekommen :blush:


gespart, gespart und schnäppchen


Hab ich gefunden, sind diese Lichter nicht klasse
Rügen soll auch echt toll sein, so schöne Sandstrände, aber auch die Gegend seufz

I found these lights are not great
Rügen should also be really great, such beautiful sandy beaches, but also the area :blush:


As I mentionend normal tourism is different and it would be easy controlled if the flight tickets would cost more (how it was in the past) and the places to stay too (as it was in the past) and when they limit the allowed tourists for each place in general depending on the circumstances / surroundings since some places can handle more tourists than others.

I’d only travel within Europe, that’s fine, we have great places, nature, landscapes and we are one union anyway so we share our trade routes, our money, certain EU wide money and we’re all more or less on a similar niveau (not like people who e.g. travel to poor countries in which people starve and don’t have clean water but the tourists go to luxus hotels…)

Germany has very nice places too but when I see what has happened to the lovely places I used to know in the past in Austria and Germany and see what they did to them because of getting more and more and more tourists it is just terrrible. I’m not even sure if I’d enjoy it now.

Besides that you can enjoy virtual vacations unlimited… e.g. if you play Assassin’s Creed Origins you can feel how it was in Ancient Egypt… you can even climb on a pyramid and see the sunrise or sunset you can see the aurora lights in World of Warcraft and even some Grand Canyon like area, you can feel the atmosphere of Chicago or SF in Watch Dogs 1 & 2…

In games you have everything for yourself without being disturbed but in hot spot areas you couldn’t even walk normal anymore (there have been many galleries of touristic hot spots comparisons 2019 vs 2020 and now, without humans it looks quite nice and you can really see the building or whatever but before you couldn’t).


We had a report in TV about prostitutes during lockdown and the reporter showed one day of a street prostitute and asked also one of her customers if he is not afraid of corona etc. and the guy said no because he’s not kissing her, shouldn’t be a problem then. And because all brothels are closed and also all porn cinema rooms the prostitutes now work in cars or public WCs.

That one prostitute from this report is a homeless woman from East Europe who lives since almost 10 years on the streets in Germany and works as prostitute. For one job at this day she got 30 € for 20-30 minutes.

I wonder how the guys can have with someone who’s living on the streets but well that explains why we have a rise in syphillis and other sexual transmitted diseases that we didn’t have here anymore. (I doubt they use protection…)

So I guess those who go to prostitutes don’t care about diseases otherwise they couldn’t have sex with them even without corona.


Your definition of normal tourism sounds like “only rich people are allowed to travel”. In reality, even now (apart from Corona) not everyone can afford to travel. Making all prices go up again would certainly rob some people of their chance to make such a trip even once in their life.


What! You have not seen the northern Lights in Finland? Get out of the city! I saw them once July in British Columbia while we were camping at Babine Lake…
(You can Google Babine Lake BC)

It started out in the early hours of the morning on the northern horizon, around 2 am then it slowly filled the sky. Beautiful! Greeny-blue and there is a noise like quiet thunder…

Nearly froze to death watching that all night. It was REALLY COLD! :grin: Didn’t bring my winter wear because it was JULY!

I guess the two places I’ve always wanted to go are:
everywhere in Italy - Tuscany, Florence, Vatican City, etc. Eat my way through Italy. Oh yea. :plate_with_cutlery: :pizza: :shallow_pan_of_food: :stew: :green_salad: :spaghetti: :coffee:. No wine though, It gives me a mean headache.

and to Nara, Japan or anywhere in historic Japan during spring. I’d love to see the cherry blossoms in the historic gardens. Modern Tokyo, meh just a huge town. OH! AND OF COURSE the food! :chopsticks: :bento: :rice_cracker: :rice_ball::rice: :ramen: :takeout_box: :fried_shrimp: :sushi:

and yea, even though I can’t drink at all, I actually like sake. :sake: (and tequila) A few sips will put me under the table though so my friends would have to drag me home. They wouldn’t be able to give me a piggy back ride, I am too tall and heavy. :rofl:

So, If I ever go to Korea NO SOJU for ME! :rofl: I am better at being the designated driver. :grinning:

The reality is that I’ll never go. My knees are shot so I can’t walk very far at all. So NEXT LIFE!


Did you ever take a look at the younger generation’s instagram accounts who are just 20 and already vistited 30 countries and with 25 up to 40 and with 30 over 50?

Do you think it’s okay when a flight ticket within Europe costs 10-20€ and one night between 9-20 € so mass tourism is forced and goes hand in hand with destruction of nature and pollution?

What’s that for a double-face when on one hand people pretend to be SO ‘öko’ and on the other hand they’re causing more pollution than the generations before?

On one hand people here go crazy because of being afraid of corona and on the other hand many want to travel around while that spreads parasites and diseases as well?

There’s one young girl on instagram around 23-25. She’s working 6 months/year and the rest she’s doing world travels and she is super proud how cheap she can get everything and no she is not rich. Even in the past you didn’t need to be ‘rich’ to travel around because for me ‘rich’ means you have millions or milliards of €.

Why do you think travelling around the world is a ‘must have’ for everyone when not even everyone has enough money for healthy food, technical devices like laptops, access to education, books etc.?

Instead of seeing travelling as a human right you should focus more on daily basics that are essential and necessary and when everyone in Europe gets at least a fair payment with enough money for having a good daily life with good food etc. without needing help by food stations that donate food/care box for 1 € then we can start talking about everyone should be able to go on vacation.

btw we have a doubled Earth population compared to the past. Did you ever think about what consequences it would have when ‘everyone’ can fly around as they want? How can you think ‘everyone’ should fly around the world when the world as living planet is already at its limit?

(EU has only ~500 mio people but China has ~1.5 mrd, India has ~1.4 mrd… if there is no control via limited ticket access or via pricing it’ll become even worse in the future)

And that what you write counts anyway only for ‘rich’ countries because ‘most’ countries aren’t rich and their population has different desires than ‘trips’ usually it’s about ‘how to survive’ so if the ‘rich’ tourists have to pay additional fees for enviroments (nature and infrastructure for local population) it’s okay if people travel because then it is not just a selfish thing.

(There have been already such discussions that tourism should be more controlled within certain directions so it can bring positive changes instead of only pollution and destroyed surroundings).


Hast du Roussillion nachgesehen?

Kein Grand Canyon, aber durchaus faszinierend.

Bei mir um die Ecke and in my region (20 km)

So no need to travel far, but I have been to a few big cities and some less popular places. Paris, Nice, Menton, Monaco, Pisa, Rome, Ascona, Locarno, Basel, Eischoll, Brienz, St. Anton (no Aprés Ski, I was there in the summer), Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, London, Norway (2 times, round-trip, the only country I have made this kind of vacations one time as a bus trip and the other one with a mobile home), De Haan, Istanbul, …
In my home country Müllheim, Konstanz, Überlingen, Bad Urach, Stuttgart, Blaubeuren, Kleinwalsertal, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, München, Ingolstadt, Füssen, Hinterstein, Olpe, Weimar, West-Berlin (1979), Berlin (2008), Potsdam, Frankfurt/Main, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Bredstedt, Husum, Amrum, Sylt, Föhr, Pellworm, Nordstrand, Laboe, Plön, Glücksstadt, Trier, Mannheim, Tholey, Wiesbaden, Ludwigsburg, …

EDIT: Was I tired typing this or was I tired?
Of course these places do not belong to Germany:
Brügge, Antwerpen, Scheveningen, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein.