Travel, a Dream or the Destination

From where to where can one fly for 10-20 euros? Definately not from just any place in Europe to any destination in Europe. And if people have to travel to Germany first for a cheap ticket, they get a lot of additional costs, if they have a way to get there at all. In reality not everyone lives near an airport. And not everyone owns a car.
I know there are people who fly around the world several times a year, just for fun (if it were for some special reason, it might be a different case), but there are also people for whom travelling is exceptional, a future dream, or not an option at all. And they are the ones getting punished most when prices go up. Those who can afford it will just keep on flying.

I think, if you really want people to be more concerned about the environment, you shouldn’t punish those who already hardly have the option, but just simply make people more aware. Or in the worst case set some boundaries, but not the kind of boundaries that would just exclude some people, while others can still do as they please.

I obviously wouldn’t encourage anyone to go anywhere in these times. I was talking in general.

To me she seems exceptional. That’s not a realistic option for everyone. A few hundred euros for a plane ticket is not an option for everyone either. Or in some cases, they might be able to pay for the ticket, but have no money left for a place to stay. There is a whole lot between barely having enough to eat and pay the bills and having millions or milliards of euros. Those closer to the first aren’t able to travel already or at least won’t be anymore if the prices go up again.

Quality of life is a must have. Not just daily basics, etc., but some form of happiness, belonging, etc. For some people their happiness is in travelling or just dreaming about travelling. I’m not saying they should fly around the world all the time, I’m just saying it wouldn’t be fair to take the entire option away from them altogether. Especially not when other people do get to go, just because they can afford it.

Aren’t those already included in the flight tax?

Btw, within Europe they might also think of better train transport systems if they want people to fly less.

Yeah, I was staying in the south, where it’s relatively rare.

Well, who knows where you will be born in your next life? :wink:

Rügen ist schön gewesen ja. Aber zu voll und der schönste Strand is in Prora.
Wir hatten da für zwei Wochen mal ein Ferienhaus als Familie, war echt super.


You can read more about that topic then you’ll see what I’m talking about. One problem and reason for way to cheap tickets is this (compared to cars and car use like taxi). It’s about Kerosin vs Benzin:

Derzeit ist der kommerzielle Kerosinverbrauch jedoch nach der Gesetzgebung aller Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union – mit Ausnahme der Niederlande steuerfrei (Stand: 2018).

As if life is ever fair but it’s nice how you ignore my other aspects about people not having enough food and clean water. Do you think that’s fair? Do you think it’s fair that now because of the lockdown the kids of poorer families fall behind bc many don’t even have tablets, laptop or PC? Even not in Germany? Do you know that people from other countries sometimes think Germany is like a palace and everyone here is rich and has everything the person wants?

In Germany the prices start with 15-20 € / ticket, rarely by 10 € (depending on the airline, preorder time, destination; it can be more expensive to fly within Germany than to another European city). In some other EU countries you start with 9-10 €/flight ticket. You may think about hotels but many people stay in hostels or pensions or certain private flats that are quite cheap. They may not even support the local economy by going out to restaurants and buying souvenirs etc.

The problem with pollution would be less when it is like in the past. I assume you’ve never been influenced directly by any tourism so you’re just ignoring the bad side effects. Talking about life quality I’ll give you an example about a German city. Bigger cities have always poorer parts and richer parts. Recently, too less living space (especially affordable one) is always a problem for bigger cities, also because they changed flats for citizens into tourist apartments.

In the poorest part of this city is a modern hotel close to the river, one night costs at least 100/150 €. Then they built another tourist only apartment house at the opposite side of the river. You have to rent at least for 3 nights and at max for 6 months. One night starts with 250€ + (some apartments cost 500 €+/night).

Since there is still a lack of enough flats to live they now remove the playgrounds for kids in backyards/between blocks in the area where the poor people live (still same area just bit more away from the river) to put more blocks there. It is like caging of chicken.

And you are talking about

The quality of life is based on your 365 day quality not if you can go for a trip! Going on world wide flight trips is an additional luxus as if one can buy a Ferrari but the other one has a VW and someone else just has a bycycle or not even that. Or as if one wears only brands and another one no names. You’re complaining that not ‘everyone’ can travel but these kids now don’t even have playgrounds when most of them have to live in way to small flats but at the same time placing more new touristic buildings here is okay? Really? Why not building new living blocks at places where we still had some space? Why not allow the local population to live close to the river? Why not thinking about the own citizens and their life quality first before thinking about travellers? Why only for rich tourists/business men? Why not adding playgrounds and community gardens for those who are living here 365 days/year?

Same goes for the noise pollution by airplanes. If this was a rich area people would go to court because the noise pollution was way over the top but since people are poor they don’t have the option. The government should have paid compensation money for the health issues people got because of too much noise, including tinnitus but of course something like that will never happen.

I find your perspective quite ignorant towards everyone who is not living far far away from any touristic side effects and loss of life quality bc of it.

That would be good but they cannot handle it because Europe has up to ~12 different train/rail standards while flying has only 2 so it is easier to fly around than using trains Europe wide.

If Europe had a modern trailroad system as China does it’ll be no problem to travel within Europe in an acceptable amount of time and also more eco-friendly than with airplanes.

Today there are so much more ways to get an abroad experience than before without the need of mass tourism…

And you dont realize that ‘these times are general times’.

Und Bevölkerungswachstum, Globalisierung und Klimawandel führen dazu, dass immer mehr Tierkrankheiten aus weit entfernten Gegenden in Deutschland auftauchen. Mensch und Tier leben immer näher beieinander. Und mit dem internationalen Güter- und Personenverkehr, mit Blumen, Lebensmitteln oder Reisenden können auch Krankheitserreger mit fremd klingenden Namen nach Europa kommen: Krim-Kongo, Rifttalfieber, Japanische Enzephalitis oder Blauzungenkrankheit. “Es gibt keine exotischen Erreger mehr”, sagt Mettenleiter. “Was wir heute noch exotisch finden, kann morgen schon bei uns sein.”

18 mio!tourists for 800 000 citizens…

Mit 7,8 Millionen ausländischen Besuchern pro Jahr hat sich die Zahl seit 1993 mehr als verdreifacht, hier sind Hunderttausende von Kreuzfahrtausflüglern und die Besucher aus Spanien noch gar nicht mit eingerechnet.

Wie auch in vielen anderen Ländern Lateinamerikas reiste der Erreger mit Touristen aus dem reichen Europa ein. Genauer aus Spanien.

Das 21. Jahrhundert ist bisher die Ära der neue Coronaviren: 2003 sprang der Erreger von Sars in China auf Menschen über und tötete über 800 Infizierte, 2012 dann begann das Mers-Coronavirus auf der arabischen Halbinsel Menschen zu befallen, von den bisher 2400 Betroffenen starb ein Drittel. Doch während diese beiden Erreger sich nicht verbreiteten, löste das dritte neue Coronavirus 2019 eine Pandemie aus. Dass das passieren könnte, war Fachleuten schon nach Sars klar, denn diese Gruppe von Viren bringt alles mit, was eine Superseuche braucht

Völlig rätselhaft ist allerdings derzeit noch, warum binnen 20 Jahren gleich drei dieser Viren neu auftauchten und so hart zuschlugen. Die Antwort wird dringend gesucht, denn dass Sars-CoV-2 das letzte gefährliche Virus aus dieser Gruppe sein wird, erscheint unwahrscheinlich.

Laut der Hauptabteilung Wirtschaftliche und Soziale Angelegenheiten der Vereinten Nationen sind dies die Meilensteine:

  • 1 Milliarde – 1804
  • 2 Milliarden – 1927 (innerhalb von 123 Jahren)
  • 3 Milliarden – 1960 ( innerhalb von 33 Jahren)
  • 4 Milliarden – 1974 (innerhalb von 14 Jahren)
  • 5 Milliarden – 1987 ( innerhalb von 13 Jahren)
  • 6 Milliarden – October der 12, 1999 ( innerhalb von 12 Jahren)
  • 7 Milliarden – October der 31, 2011 ( innerhalb von 12 Jahren)

Die 8te Milliarde wird für das Jahr 2023 erwartet.

The permafrost is melting. Scientists say that will rise the amount of deadly diseases:

Die Studienmitautorin Ellen Decaestecker von der Universität Leuven weist auf eine weitere Ursache für potenzielle Pandemien hin: Das immer tiefere Vordringen von Menschen in bis dahin unberührte Lebensräume in der Arktis, etwa um Rohstoffe auszubeuten, aber auch durch den Tourismus. „“Wir ändern die Umwelt durch die Fragmentierung von Lebensräumen und den Klimawandel sehr schnell“, so Decaestecker. „Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass durch die Kombination dieser Faktoren eine Seuche ausbricht, ist sehr hoch.“

As you can see there is a connection between everything. It’s not about 'let only rich people travel it’s about seeing the whole picture and the consequences of certain behaviour.

Ja hab ich angeklickt :blush: ich wusste gar nicht, das es auch so schöne Orte bei uns gibt und in Frankreich soll ja sowieso so schön sein, das lohnt sich auf jeden Fall :blush: wo wir auch noch gern mit dem Fahrrad fahren.
Wyk a Föhr war ich auch schon uuuund Helgoland :grin: und Sylt…


:grimacing: Da bin ich auch kein Typ für, wenn die schönsten Dinge einfach übervoll sind, hat es den Reiz verloren, ich hab eben auch noch mal schnell geschaut, Prora hat auch so einen schönen langen Sandstrand… Warst du schon mal in Dänemark Rømø, was für ein Strand und ich dachte Sankt Peter ist schon heftig und dann kam Rømø…

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nö. nie nach oben von deutschland aus. nicht mal holland xD

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I just saw a Video, it’s duration is 7:56 with similar issues, except they are not only tourist who come, the top of the totem pole Immigrate to this place. :smirk: Check it here:

A list of 10 U.S. cities with the best weather:
Honolulu, Hawaii * Los Angeles, Calif
Long Beach, Calif * San Diego, Calif
Lihue, Hawaii * Kahului, Hawaii
Tampa, Fla * Daytona Beach, Fla
Key West, Fla * Fort Myers, Fla

well Atlantis hasnt been found yet, and Lemura a fantacy?

the city in the sky don’t know what happened to it. and travel? yeah I do want to visit China, India, Korea, England, Scotland ,Ireland, and my country, rocky mountains, grand canyon, and many other places! dreaming


Based on the word trip I’m doing, my current country is Viola! :kr:S. Korea!
I finished in First place in Hungary! :wink: Do you like my view :wink::smile::smile::smile:


:jp: A Japanese experience in Thailand :thailand:


Oops! I did it again! This time I’m in Panama! :panama: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Wordtrip :wink:


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I understand your frustration and you’re most likely not the only one experiencing the effects of such, it’s not only tourism, it’s the increase of population, the circle of economy must go on… we have seen the effects of closing down businesses because of corona… today many businesses and restaurants closed down… meaning there is unemployment… it’s a world wide dilemma about having jobs that pays for living expenses. Due to export and import from and to different countries it is a natural course that insects and what else including diseases travel with. This is nothing new and has been going on for decades.

As we know due to high population, demands for food and other natural resources planet earth is getting depleted by the day… can we stop it, no. It is possible that planet earth will just collapse and there will be survival fights. Until then the economy will go on… or so I think.

There are still folks who try to live with conscience of less damaging the environment, for example don’t have a car, don’t travel and more but will that indeed make change when all others don’t do it?? - The upcoming problem will be electricity… due to digital world and e-cars and more home appliances we are entering into high demand for electricity and there is just not enough of it… unless perhaps every house and apartment building has solar panels…

As for the issues at your home city… it should be the politician’s responsibility who represent the folks to create a safe and pleasant living environment… to ensure life quality for their residents, this is easy said but perhaps referendums could be done…

As far as the traveling goes, perhaps folks want to travel now, because it is unknown how long one still can travel… it’s also because during Covid it was so restricted… people want to see other places than what they saw last 2 years… (home bound)


@gaby_heitmann_975 if you can’t visit the places at least check out the virtual walks of places, some could make you feel, like are you there… of course their local food tasting you can’t get :cry:
Live walks to different part of the world- Share yours here

I traveled to many places to write here, but would like to visit Asia, perhaps South Korea first, I would like to see some Scandinavian places and I have not seen much of Germany.


we have a greenway here in NC it shows a lot of paths and such to walk in, a lot of them takes us to parks, even the mountains, and beaches. so there’s a bunch here where we can walk, yeah even in historical sites and all.


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Chelsea Market in New York City with rezOrama. Comparing to my last visit, there, it’s not as crowded. rezOrama picked a good day to explore Chelsea market.

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** the places that I would love to travel to are Canada, South Korea, Australia, England, Guam, and Ireland. I lived in Germany for several years because of my husband’s job. At that time I found it quite interesting. The currency was actually the Mark then. New York is a city I just adore because of the diversity of people and the endless opportunities for things to do.
All of you will keep safe and be blessed in this coming new year 2023! I pray that God will guide your footsteps, that you will find peace in His presence, and may Holy Spirit be your comforter in all you experience.**