Travel, a Dream or the Destination




I just booked a trip to Costa Rica for my daughter and myself. Since it’s going to be two women traveling alone, any concerns, suggestions, or tour recommendations?


How was it? :grinning: I’ve not been to any other islands in the west, except the one I was born on, so . . . :blush: Any pics you want to share? :camera_flash:


It was really nice. We stayed at the JW Marriott Guanacaste which has its own horse stable and private beach. Because the resort is so secluded, they offered a lot of activities for the guests so we took full advantage of the sunset cocktails, marshmallow bonfire, mixology class, horseback riding and spa treatment offered at the resort. We also joined a tour to one of the national parks for eco-trail hiking. I even suppressed my fear of heights to cross a hanging bridge to get to the bottom of a waterfall for a swim as well.

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Awesome! What a visual you’ve given me, it sounds like you both had a wonderful trip, and loved it! :grinning: Thank you for sharing it, I’d love the horse rides. In the drama I’m watching A League of Nobleman they just went through a waterfall where the cave behind it opened up into a hidden valley full of lots more waterfalls, so magical. :grinning:

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Their month on traveling.
Anyone thinking of going/visiting the Philippines? :philippines:
Vlogger’s Query: What are they saying? They were enroute to the airport. The uniformed officer, and their driver were in an animated dialogue.
• Someone in the comments said he was a traffic officer, not the police. :woman_shrugging:t5:
• Another comment in answer to the vlogger’s query, said he questioned about the camera recording.

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I have never been outside of Europe (lives in Sweden).my family is from Finland so that is the country I have been most in. Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, England (had an ex there so I was there a bit back then) and of course because I’m old Jugoslavia when it was a country. I dream about going to other places and trying food and experience other cultures but it might never happen. One thing Im great full for is the internet because it makes the world slightly smaller.


Keep your dream alive, and plan on making it reality, follow in the steps of our trailblaizers. :blush:



:heart: True I have to remind myself of that.


Colorado, USA! :us_outlying_islands: MazeleeFam!! :blush:

Hawaii Travels, USA!! :hibiscus::airplane::luggage::world_map::parasol_on_ground: :us_outlying_islands:

Singapore! :singapore: