Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!


Really cool. Glad you found a project that you really like :smile: And it’s an excellent reason to learn how to sew :wink:


I forgot Quebec! - 1985


Riviere Du Jaques Cartier


Oh beautiful are those your photos? I want to go to Nova Scotia so bad.


What beautiful colors!


No. Mine are similar but I never digitized mine
still on film


A walk in the South by the River :walking_woman:


:mongolia: Mongolia :mongolia:


I think there are 8 short videos in total. Here’s one of them.


Yup, they made one with the 2D1N cast as well.
I’d already seen the videos before they were featured on 2D1N, but I thought it was cool of them to collaborate.

The songs are really catchy and the dance group is very unique :smile:


They have me at HELLO!


I keep hearing how good 2D1N is. I don’t usually watch variety shows but I am thinking about checking it out. Is it worth watching?


now that KHS is gone some people are not watching but I’m sure that it is still good


It is a shame about Kim Seon Ho. I still like him as an actor though.


A lot of people were sad after the last scandals that happened with some of the members of season 3. Then all of the members left the show, except for Kim Jong Min (the only original member).

When season 4 started, a lot of people complained about missing the season 3 members, but they soon came to love the season 4 members, as they have really good chemistry and are really funny together.

Yes, a lot of people are sad about KSH leaving and are scolding the PDnim and staffmembers for editing him out of the last 2 episodes (they really did try their best and they didn’t blur or edit him out completely, like they did in season 3). It’s also not uncommon for 2D1N members with scandals to leave and then come back later, so he might come back later.

Anyways, I (still) enjoy the show. It introduces you to a lot of lesser known parts in Korea and like I said, the season 4 members have good and refreshing chemistry :blush:



Did you had to cancel your trip to Jeju Island with your parents?

I was waiting for pics, but I know with new condo and such… :worried:

I fell in love with that Island after a Youtuber posted such gorgeous walk through the Island. Amazing place. At least those videos made me feel I was actually walking the Island by myself.


@feyfayer, thank you for the summary! I might check out a few episodes.

@angelight313_168, unfortunately, I had to cancel the trip even before the condo purchase because Korea was still requiring 10 day quarantine period for visitors. I will try again next year.:crossed_fingers:


The latest on Traveling when it comes to S. Korea, from Asian Boss.


I have plans I hope to go next year - I hope I hope I hope!!!


I am excited for you, and anyone joining you, keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t5: :blush:


New to the topic! Thanks for showing me this, @kdrama2020ali – I have been looking at the gorgeous pictures all morning!

We had the amazing opportunity to live in England for three years while my husband was active duty in the Air Force. We were about an hour and a half northeast of London, near Cambridge University. From there, we were lucky enough to visit several amazing places: Paris (well, Lille – we took my daughter to DisneyLand Paris), Rome, Amsterdam, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the Spanish coast and Gibraltar, and Ireland, as well as several areas around Great Britain. We didn’t do nearly enough travel – I was always waiting so that we could travel as a family, but my husband was always getting sent on TDYs. :expressionless:

Here are a few pics of our travels:

The very first trip we took was to the Cotswolds, and specifically Stratford-upon-Avon. I am a Shakespeare FANATIC, so I was so excited to see his birthplace and his grave inside Holy Trinity. The first picture is his birth home (with my husband and daughter peeking out the window :relaxed:) and the second is his grave outlined in blue; his wife is buried next to him.

Next on our list was a trip to Rota, Spain. My husband was sent there on a month-long TDY and my daughter (who had just turned one) and I flew to visit him for a week. There wasn’t much to see in Rota – we were on the military base there – but we did make a day trip to Gibraltar. The first picture is looking out over the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco, and the second is an impressively ginormous cliff that scared the bejeezus out of me (I’m terrified of heights :persevere:).

One thing I decided to do, since there are so many gorgeous chapels and churches in Europe, is photograph the amazingly intricate designs on the ceilings. This is the ceiling at York Minster, in the city of York in northern England. I have some of these printed on canvas and hanging in our house.

I will try to get to more later – I’m having to save these to my computer from Facebook and I’m not getting anything else done at work. :rofl: