Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!



Aruba 2.0 My 2nd Trip in 2021 - I was very fortunate to have a friend that had a timeshare! Girl’s trip in August was so fun - snorkeling, ATV riding, swimming - The Aloe in Aruba is so beautiful and the company that makes the products for Aruba Aloe - best lotions etc! EVER


What a cool photo!

All of them are so pretty.


Do you know how many shots I had to take it was so hard to get the water splashing!!! This was my best shot of that! :sunny:


Unfortunately, I had to cancel my Korea trip for the third time because of Covid.:worried: I was supposed to take my parents to Jeju Island and Seoul for a 20-day trip.


I can’t heart that - I plan to go hopefully next year maybe @choitrio we can meet up at Jeju Island!!! :sob:



Ahh… I have always wanted to go to Nara and Kyoto during cherry blossom viewing season. I really like the old-style traditional buildings and gardens. (Pictures courtesy Google.)

And I’ve always wanted to Dine my way through Italy and visit all the famous art and architecture from Rome, Tuscan countryside, Florence, Milano, Venice. etc.

Places I’ve been…


British Columbia Camped through British Columbia up to the Alaskan panhandle. Beautiful country! Watch out for bears… They will invade your camp if you aren’t careful with food.

We took the car ferry back down to Vancouver Island from Prince Rupert. WAY CHEAPER than a cruise! That’s an all-day trip through some beautiful seaside views on the inside passage. It takes all day and stops at several islands so go in June when daylight is the longest.


Quebec - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Montreal, and Ontario.
Camped all over - My pics are from 1984 - I never converted them to digital. Morning on the Bra D’Or in Nova Scotia was a beautiful golden light. So pretty.
Traveling through Quebec is where I found out I could understand Quebecois. :thinking: (Who woulda thunk? ) I’ve never taken French or been around French speakers. I must understand it from Spanish…??? Who knows… :upside_down_face: All I know is tran-san-sant does NOT sound the same as treinta-cinco centavos. :rofl: but that is what it means… 35 cents.

Oh! and Gaelic in Nova Scotia!! I got to practice reading roadsigns and listening to Gaelic speakers. Fun!


So that map is of a ferry ride through the waterways? How cool is that?!? I want to see the coastlines of Alaska so bad!


Yikes! I forgot to add that we went Balik-Bayan to the Philippines back in 1980 for a month. Of course, stayed and visited family and traveled from Manila, up to Pangasinan and Ilocos Norte. Stayed in Quezon City between traveling.

Of course traveling in Manila via jeepneys.

Baguio City

Stayed with relatives in the barrios of Quezon City.

Took a little outrigger boat out to Corregidor Island to look at the old WWII battlements.

Flying fish were jumping all around the boat on the way over.

Traveled to Pangasinan and when we stopped for a light this kid walked by that looked like my husband’s little brother. I asked him, “Is he a relative? He looks like Erwin.” he put the car in gear and took off. “Probably, let’s get the hell out of here before he spots me.”

When someone comes back from the U.S (rich americans) they have to bring presents for everyone in the extended family and close friends. It’s expected. And he was avoiding relatives he didn’t know. :sunglasses: cuz when the word is out, you find out that you have all kinds of extra relatives you never met before :rofl:

Banaue Rice Terraces - over 3,000 years old.


Oh! If I ever go to Seoul, I want to go to Kwangjang market! FABRICS! SILK! FOOD!


So I’d need to bring at LEAST $3,000 US for my fabric selections and ship it back in via container ship . :laughing: Well, actually $3000 won’t go far for fine silks and brocades.


In case you can’t figure it out. I LOVE beautiful fabrics! :sunglasses: ( And I sew too.)


Let’s All Go to Seoul Together - I swear we would have so MUCH FUN!!!

I’ll be hanging at JYP - BUT we will have SO MUCH FUN! and the FOOD! And Jeju Island

가자 (gaja)


You can hang at JYP but did you know that San is at KQ Entertainment?

I’d go to Jeju just to eat the fresh seafood, I am not a sun bather.


I might need a scooter!!!



But @my_happy_place
You can’t watch because it will make you dizzy!
Walkie Talkie - we will need them



I just watched an episode of a drama where one of the characters is an idol trainee, and every time he goes to his agency, there are a bunch of teeny boppers camping out by the entrance on their blankets, with their signs, ambushing anyone who goes in or out, hoping it is their idol. That’s going to be us? :rofl:


Um - Yep!!! No ambushing though - Nicely inviting out for a Americano!!! haahahahha!



:rofl: :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

'cept I don’t do the ajumma’s short poofy hair style. I’ve always kept my hair in a long braid.

I’ll have my Shopping TRUCK ready to hit the fabric stores while you guys hang out looking for idols. They are too young for me. Can’t catch 'em. :smirk::wink:


It’s too bad the natural bridge collapsed…
It’s weird not seeing it anymore :sweat_smile:

@porkypine90_261 Those silks are beautiful! Do you know how much you’d spend in a shop like that?


Oh… excellent quality silk brocades can go up to a couple hundred a yard. sometimes more… Depends on the technique used, the quality of the silk and weave and if it has embroidery too.

I am in the process of making a short jacket. It took me several years to find compatible fabrics in the colors and patterns I wanted. (I do not live near a garment district) I finally got the fabrics in various shades of blue and silver. The fabrics alone cost $790.

It’s a little out of style now but I don’t care. I like it. I could never buy this and expect it to fit which is why I learned how to sew years ago.

This jacket.

The fabrics have to be just right and of the correct weights or it won’t look good. It is a designer project, not a home quilt project.