Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!

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This is my 1st stop in 2018 in Vienna! I went to Vienna, Austria, Germany and Amsterdam. I’ll upload some more vacation photos as you share yours!

2022 I really hope to travel to Tokyo Japan, Seoul, and Jeju Island


I went to work for Northwest Airlines right out of college and although the pay was not much the benefits included first class travel to anywhere, anytime, as long as there were seats available. I used to take a trip to Seoul every other month for a shopping spree and to eat the first class meals onboard. This was all before 9/11so air travel was still glamorous and not such a hassle. During the 4 years I worked for the airline, I visited many places outside USA, including Seoul, Jeju, Honolulu, London, Paris, Aachen (Germany), Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Florence.


I got to visit the Paris airport so I can say I stepped foot in France!


Hopefully, you will get to visit Seoul and Jeju Island. I know there are many Vikians who want to visit Korea. Maybe we should make it a group travel. I can be your personal interpreter.:wink:


That would have been so nice for a group of us to meet and travel :cry:
I get this damn panic attacks on flights over 3 hours, and no matter the pills I take once bad weather or we have delays, I can’t control it, and I just can’t stop crying and getting out of breath [the whole 9 yards]. Everything started when we had a severe storm out of nowhere coming back from Florida at night, and we were going in circles for an eternity, we couldn’t land so they had to throw the fuel out, and we didn’t had much to go on. At one point the pilot had no other choice and through the intercom said ‘‘prepare for a crash landing’’, and we started to go down through those dark clouds and the lightning that sounded like a monstrous noise I can’t even describe.

The kids in the plane (my youngest included were screaming, crying, and throwing up). I was calmed through the whole thing and even laughing at my cousin that was praying the rosary and she was screaming the rosary more than praying. I was keeping calmed and trying to calm those around me, but I’m guessing I was in shock bc on the next trip that we had turbulence I got the first FULL panic attack, they had to give me oxygen, and after that it never stopped from happening. If there’s any turbulence during the flight or the flight takes more than 3 hours (one time we had no turbulence but plane took longer trying to avoid bad weather/was re-routed) I got a panic attack . Our bad luck that whether coming or going, we always get either lightning or heavy winds etc… One time the plane dropped so much, we all screamed to the top of our lungs, and the pilot never explained why that happened.

I avoid planes so much but 24 hours in an Amtrak train is not fun at all. To my Island I have no choice but to fly there . Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic; I would never travel there again or recommend anyone to go unless you go with someone that has been there or is from there. It’s a very dangerous and complicated situation in the airport. Weather wise is the most uneventful flight of them all.

Unless you have experienced a panic attack you would never understand how draining and horrible it is. Many said is all in my head but fear is fear and we are humans with feelings that sometimes even pills can’t control. Unless I am put to sleep through the whole trip there’s no way I can go to SK, those eternal flights would be the death of me.


Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

It would be nice if you could go to Japan for the 2022 Olympics. I can see those pictures now!

Jump from there to SK and visit Jeju Island; would be awesome!


I’ll share some more photos I was there 15 days! I totally understand panic attacks. I did not fly until I was an adult. A plane crashed near my house when I was younger and I had PTSD so people say. I saw the plane in water for who knows how long. I believed that if I got on a plane, I would die. So it took everything I could do to fly for the first time. Walking across the fuselage almost threw me over the edge. But I was determined so I understand how you feel. The flight from here to Paris was very long and I had a major migraine by the time I got to Vienna. And our bags were lost! I’ll relate that story soon it’s hilarious! Now if I travel like that I will be sitting out dinner the night I get in. I also have to sit on the aisle seats by the window. Now I can fly, no problem but a LONG flight will be hard. So know that I GET it totally! I had to learn techniques to be calm on the flight. I tell ya at this point if someone came to my door and said let’s go somewhere I would go in a heartbeat.

(If I had gone threw turbulence like that I would not have done well, People have to hold my hand on the plane…hmmmmmm maybe a Khottie will sit next to me one day😍)


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Flowers%20%26%20Aria Cobblestone%20walkway
This is Passau! My favorite little town


@angelight313_168, OMG I would be traumatized as well if I had been through all that you had experienced! I can’t even handle a rollercoaster ride, lol. Fortunately, I never had to experience bad turbulences on a plane.

@kdrama2020ali, when and if you are ready to make plans to visit Japan and/or Korea, let me know. I had visited Seoul and Jeju Island in 2018, and my younger son visited Japan with his friends in 2019, so I can probably give you some recommendations.


I have a few places I have been I really enjoyed. Whale watching from Anacortes, WA USA. I have the following places I want to visit.

  1. Jeju Island
  2. Asanta Kazakhstan
  3. Different cities in China
  4. Odessa in Ukraine
  5. An atoll island.
    These are a few on my list. I really want to travel but haven’t been able to for various reasons. So I just dream.

It’s kind of funny as a German to see others have been to German cities I never made it.
To name a few:
Aachen - really would like to see the Aachen Cathedral once.
Passau - the city with 3 rivers.

German cities/places I have been to:
Hamburg, Berlin, Weimar, Eisenach, Munich, St. Goarshausen, Trier, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Bredstedt (visiting islands like Amrum, Föhr, Sylt, …), Husum, Konstanz, Überlingen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Hinterstein, Bad Hindelang, Plön, Kochel, …

Did I ever set foot beyond Europe? No, LOL but I was sitting in a bus driving in the Asian part of Istanbul, unfortunately, our driver didn’t make a stop. Well.
So you know now that I went to Istanbul once. I have been several times to London and Paris. In France, I was in cities like Verdun, Colmar, and another time to Nice, with taking short trips to Monaco and Menton. Once I was in Rome, Pisa on the way.
Then visiting Austria - Vienna, Little Walser Valley, St. Anton.
I was in Switzerland a few times, cities St. Gallen, Basel, Brienz, Ascona, Locarno and staying in the Wallis.
I went two times to Norway - visiting cities like Oslo, Bergen, Lillehammer, and wonderful places in between.
I went to the Netherlands one time for a rock festival and another time for a flower festival, but didn’t make it to Amsterdam, just in case you wanted to know.
Belgium, more than once staying in De Haan and going up and down the coast with the famous tram. Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges.
Luxembourg small country and the city of the same name.
Liechtenstein I think it is an even smaller state, I would need to look it up.
Prague - one time. Bratislava, almost forgot when we stayed in Vienna we took a trip on the river Danube to get there.

Now I think, that is pretty much it, as for pictures that will be hard because I was late in taking up digital photography. I will try to look into it, but I always say that and most of the time do not find the time for it.

Anyway places I still want to go to …

… to be continued …


Let’s see I’ve been too:

  • Germany (various places including Berlin)
  • Belgium (I actually do live about 10 -15 minutes by car away from the border. Brussels is as far as Amsterdam for me)
  • Luxembourg
  • France. Only to Paris a few times with school and for kpop concerts. And to Walibi Smurfs as a kid.
  • UK (various places, really want to go back to London, love it there)
  • Czech Republic and a day to Poland.
  • Creete
  • Norway (the most beautiful country in Europe i’ve been to so far. The nature is stunning. We did a mini road trip there. I want to go back one day. I liked Bergen more than Oslo but maybe that was because I was tired because I hardly slept on the boat)
  • China various places including Bejing, Shanghai, Pingyao, Guilin, Guangzhou.
  • Hong Kong for a day
  • Japan various places including Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagasaki, Hiroshima.
  • South Korea various places including Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Gyeongju, Seoraksan NP.

There are so many places I still want to go to or visit again. I’m thinking about exploring Europe a bit more first when Corona is gone and maybe take the train more often instead of flying there. I already took the train to Oberhausen, Berlin and Paris. Also was thinking of taking the train to London but at that time they where working on the railroadtracks so I decided to fly instead.


I had to google this, because I didn’t know we had a famous tram :thinking:

Places I’ve been to:

  • Germany (Aachen, Bernkastel-Kues (my grandparents like to buy wine here))
  • Netherlands (mostly cities in Zeeland, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Breda, etc)
  • France (Bretagne, Paris - mostly for Kpop concerts)
  • UK (London)
  • Italy (all major cities in Tuscany, Rome)
  • Spain (smaller cities in the south near the sea)
  • Portugal (Lisbon)
  • Sweden (Stockholm and Karlstad)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen, Roskilde, Vordingborg)
  • Crete

Outside of Europe:

  • San Fransisco
  • South Korea (Seoul, the DMZ, Busan)

Places I still would love to visit are Japan, Czechia, Finland, Norway, Canada, New-zealand.


LOL at least for us tourist it was famous, when in the morning the weather was rainy and promised to be better later on we would choose the direction and sit in the tram going along the coast and would exit when the sun came out.

This town is 100km north from my city in the same federal state. I have been there too, but only spent some hours, yes wine and good food. I was more often in Cochem though another lovely wine town, nice surroundings, castle …


Remember we had planned the whole thing with @mirjam_465 once? :joy:we were all set to leave in the middle of the lockdown!
Of course, whenever I think of going to Korea I think of you all, I’ll definitely ask you for help and wish to do a group trip! :heart_eyes: but I’m probably a looooong way off from even stepping out of my own country so you’ll have to wait a LONG time for me to earn all that cash :sweat_smile:


I’ve been to school in Eindhoven for 3 years and I always go to Rotterdam when I want to do a serious shopping spree. Usually I go there at least once a year but now due Corona it has been 2 years orso. I kind of miss it but it’s good when you want to save money :joy:


I love traveling.

My first international trip was in 2019. I went to Chile because of SMTown Live. I had a saving account for an exchange program in Spain that I was planning to do in 2021. I’m a BoA fan since forever, and I never thought I would be able to watch a live concert. When I saw the poster, I didn’t think twice.

I stayed for four days. Since I was there, I went to visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. I fell in love. Honestly, I sat on the rocks and watched the sea for hours. The Chilean people are amazing. I want to go back there, and also visit Argentina and Uruguay.

Also, I have this desire to go to Spain. Especially the Mediterranean coast, maybe do a cruise in the area. I always loved Spain, but since I begin to read and translate Joan Fallon novels, this desire increased.

And a third location is the Turkish city, Alanya. It’s silly, but I dreamt with this name; it became an online gaming nick, and later I discovered the city.

In Brazil, I want to go up! I never passed from Espiríto Santo.


Bamberg%20Bike Christmas%20Pyramid snow long%20boat
Bamberg, Germany
It was so COLD March 2018


Go Go to Passau! It was my FAVORITE! I loved that little town and I met a shop owner she was so nice and sweet! Great day there.

Thank you guys for ALL your comments! I so want to go so many places.

Besides S. Korea now and JeJu Island and Tokyo
I would like to go to Budapest, Belgrade, Belgium, France, England, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand,
I am suppose to go to Aruba in May but I’m afraid it might get cancelled.
I really want to go to Belize.
I love Egypt and I would also like to go to Machu Picchu in Peru.


@vivi_1485, I am at your service, whenever you make that trip to Korea. Don’t take too long though. I want to move around on my own two feet, not in a wheelchair.:wink:

@kdrama2020ali, love your pictures. I do have pictures but not all are digital and I am not tech savvy enough to post them.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve also been to Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. While I was visiting Cancun, I took a tour to Teotihuacan Aztec pyramids which made me want to visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt as well.