Turkish series

why i can’t watch anymore turkish series ? can i have an answer from viki ?

I think some of them got removed because of some rights. It’s very hard and expensive to get the license for Turkish dramas. Which one can’t you watch anymore ?

They’re blocked. They were fan channels so that was a possibility. It recently happened to Medcezir, which I was watching too. I guess you can try shows from other countries.

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Karadayi for instance and Ebb and Tide

Yes. Ebb and Tide is blocked.
Here is the Message i got from the channel Manager

  • “Hello Ebb and Tide fans!
    Medcezir is blocked due copyright.
    Warner Bros blocked it tonight.”

and after that this

  • “Hello Ebb and Tide fans.
    I asked Viki about licensing this show and get this.
    Hi loolboi,
    I’m sorry to hear that. The last I heard about Turkish shows is that we’d like to get them, but they’re very expensive to license, so we’re still doing some analysis to decide if we’re going to go for them or not.
    So they are still decide about licensing.” *

But I don’t know about Karadayi

I got the first one too, but not the second one.

medcezir …

medcezir …

Medcezir is unblocked now worldwide . Enjoy !:slight_smile:

Really? That’s great.

Yes :slight_smile: got this message from the channel manager

[ Message from the Channel Manager of Ebb and Tide ] Hello Medcezir fans,
Medcezir is now unblocked. Ay Yapim unblocked all videos for worldwide.

I can’t watch karadayi :(( I’m very upset !! when can we watch anymore please? Im addicted !!



Just look here… Viki didn’t get the License , they are very expensive . And I think due copyright it was blocked and then removed from Viki…

But they can’t let us like that no? I hope they’ll find a solution

what happens to the series Kuzey Guney? why they deleted? Does anyone know?please post again!!! Kuzey Guney she is the best turkish series

Does anyone know how we can get licensing for Turkish dramas? If it’s expensive as some have suggested, is possible to create a fund account for each drama requested to be licences? I think it would be great if we can let people know that we’re serious about subbing and making it available to the public. Wouldn’t the network releasing the drama have more publicity if it is more poplar online? Would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe we can actually do something to make Turkish dramas more polar on viki.


I think this is a brilliant idea! I miss Karadayi :frowning: I hope we get it back soon.

Does anyone know how we can get licensing for Turkish dramas?Specifically for Medcezir . Do you think we have a chance to see Medcezir on viki? please tell me ! thanks you :slight_smile:

I create a survey to ask about turkish drama, more people answer and more we have chance to obtain licensing titles.

Here the link of the survey : https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/LB8MQ6Y4, there are some questions about which turkish drama you want in Viki and also about TV channel partnership.

Does anyone know what Turkey dramas did Viki used to have?