Uncommon But Good Things About Romance J-Dramas

Hey, there!!

Since I joined the Discussions, I’ve seen a lot of posts about K dramas and C dramas, but a few about J dramas. I think people usually think that Japanese Dramas aren’t as good as C dramas or K dramas, because they (Japanese people) are used to create such uncommon plots, maybe that’s why I love Japanese Dramas, because they show the cinematography world in a different way.

So here are some things that I like about J dramas:

~ The Plot (some examples):

  • Marriage in the first episode, and the characters doesn’t even know each other;

  • Female Lead that fall in love for people with disabilities;

  • The weirdo mangaka, that hates peoples, falls in love;



~ The OSTs;

  • Japanese osts seems taken out of animes, and I love it;


~ There are a lot of boy bands artists that plays a role in the dramas and do a great job!!




I created this post because I’m so glad that viki are bringing a lot of Japanese Dramas to the Viki Community. Of course, there are a lot of J dramas out there that isn’t good, but there are the ones that are worth of watching!

What is the best Japanese Drama you’ve watched?

P.s. Sorry if there are any grammatical errors.


There is another topic, I don’t know, if you saw it.

I think the reason that J-drama isn’t that much talked about, is that for years there were no more J-dramas at Viki, so the fan-base might not be as active and in the past month we mostly mentioned dramas we watched in the Currently watching topic, and there we do mix all kind of dramas.


On top of them being rare, the licenses for Japanese dramas were extremely short, one year maximum. So they were not very popular to translate to other languages. As a volunteer you’d like to see your effort last for a long time.

I haven’t watched many J-dramas to be elegible to answer your question, @madameazul20. But I’m looking forward to the answers others give here :blush: