Under the bombs - Recruiting

“Under the bombs” is a Lebanese Movie that illustrates the 2006 war through the eyes of a modern Lebanese mother who lived outside Lebanon but had sent her son to Lebanon to live with her sister right before the war, to loose contact with them when the war was declared. When the 33 days war ended the mother return to search for her son and goes to great lengths and witnesses unspeakable horrors…

The channel is licensed by Viki:
Under the bombs

The movie is very interesting so i would like to invite all of you to visit and at least watch it once.

The movie is fully segmented and 100% subbed into English and Spanish.
We are then recruiting:
All language Moderators and subbers (including a Spanish Editor)
A page designer
If you wish to contribute please PM Me

Even if you won’t contribute i invite everyone to watch this movie it is certainly worth it!!

I can help as Spanish Editor!

I can segment (hint hint)

It’s already fully segmented!

Thanks a lot, you can start anytime,
the spanish subs are unlocked,
I will put you as the spanish mod too so you can lock it when you finish alright?

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