Underrated Dramas

Underrated dramas always tend to be my favorites. For instance, in my Top 5 favorites I have Stars Falling From the Sky and Oh! My Lady. Both of these are not very popular BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS ABOUT THESE TWO. OMG.

Anyway, I would just love to know of any other underrated dramas that are actually super good!! ^^

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I love Oh my Lady, I’m currently watching it for the third time :smiley: also Shut up, Flower Boy Band is really Good and one of my Top Ten now.

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Maybe you know some of them and maybe some you don’t, some are good for their story and others are for the acting and if you are lucky for both.

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I watched Thank you and it’s a very good drama. Loved it and sadly it’s really underrated

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for me it is sweet spy i don’t think a lot of people saw it. it was amazing to me :wink:

Underrated dramas that I liked so much, was Nine, nine times travel, and Miss Korea (I loved the lead couple!).

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BOTH of those are SO frikin’ good!!! :slight_smile:

Oh I forgot A Man’s Story I really liked it!!!

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one that i would say is really underrated and never heard about is operation proposal. though the begining was REALLY slow (not the 1st episodes but a bit after) and the plot seemed too repetitive, the episodes starting at ep. 9 where WOW! REALLY GOOD! it finally started getting somewhere and even made me cry. it got sooo good. i was shocked. read some of the reviews at this page (when you pass the plot and go to towards the bottom) :


i love learning about underrated stuff! a tiawanese i would say is underrated (and old) is called “hi my sweetheart”. great drama. fab.

i absolutely LOVED shut up flower boy band. i havent seen what’s up though i saw the 1st episode a while ago. @lutra is it really really good? i might see it soon. i lovee music dramas. sadly, there isnt many :confused:

other underrated ones that i have seen that are good:

  1. marry me mary
  2. delightful girl choon hyang!!! (really loved this one. its amazing and sooo underrated. totally recommend this one, tho its not on viki.
  3. sweet 18
  4. kpop extreme survival
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I liked What’s Up?
But it’s often hard to tell, if others will like it the same.
I will write down, which music related dramas I saw and liked or didn’t. I can’t mention those I didn’t see.
WHAT’S UP?, SHUT UP, FLOWER BOY BAND, MONSTAR, SHARK ( so far - uncompleted j-drama)
HEARTSTRINGS (as a drama, liked the music though),

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Under rated/underexposed in my opinion (and are available here @ Viki) are:

Bad Love (all but ep 20 has english subs)

Reputable Family

I think this was one of the best ever. Totally would say it’s above the standard drama.

I second “Miss Korea” for underrated drama. It was over shadowed by My Love from the Star, which aired at the same time.

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Thanks for recommending Oh! My Lady. I really liked it. The kid was just too adorable.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! ^^

Nine nine time travels and Padam Padam. Those dramas were perfection. Perfect acting, complex characters, a lot of emotions and suspense(well, especially for Nine nine but Padam has some too).

And I agree with Miss Korea. Again, I loved how complex the characters were. How most of them had both qualities and flaws. And I loved Madame Cha and her ‘‘enemy’’.

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@lutra @Niennavalar @melliebean_2 it seems that lots of people at viki are currently watching or just finished Shut up flower BB.! i can say it was one of my favorite dramas. its cool that people are recognizing it now, because i think allot of people overlooked it in the past, for whatever reason.i even remember not being interested with it at first, smacks own hand in disbelief SO glad i continued it. it got so good.

just found this fan-made vid and thought “how cool and interesting it would have been if byung hee didnt die and got the girl…?” i always loved him as an almost-lead in this show more then the other guy (tho i like him too.) he was such a bad boy, i loved it. x(

they couldve had allot of chemistry.


this has a great song too.

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LOL - I watched it, when it was airing, it’s one of my favorites. I like rock music and I like dramas centered in the musical field, so this was perfect for me.
I advertise it to people who seem interested where ever I go.
Btw. which song is it? The video doesn’t work in my country. Jaywalking f.e. is the only Korean song ever who made it onto my really old mp3 player, since I only put rock on it.

ahhh so you already experienced the awesomeness from the beginning! very cool. i love allot of music, and i love rock too. i like when they are centered in music too!! im looking for more of those types. im thinking about “whats up” and i hope there is more out there and that they make more music related dramas!! i also heard there’s one called “the musical”, with go hye sun, havent watched it tho. :

hahahaha “advertise” i do the same lol

yes!!! i have all kpop and osts in my ipod only, and jaywalking is definitely on there. as soon as i heard it, it went on my ipod.

the song? aww i hate when that happens :confused: well,(really recomend hearing it if you didnt) its a rock song called “beautiful love” by the afters. THAT went onto my ipod today. haha

When we are asked to choose the best, worst, etc dramas, I always think that I forgot to name some dramas… I have seen too much dramas.

  • What’s up : the story wasn’t clear but I loved the characters and the actors ( Jo Jung Suk is one of my favourite actor !)
  • Heartless City
  • Que Sera, Sera
  • Cain and Abel
  • Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats

For now…

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