Underrated Dramas

I was watching What’s up? - The story itself is not as original, but it was done nicely and I loved it for the cast and production. it was fun.

Musical - I did not watch it, I was not too keen about it.

Monstar - is one drama I liked equally like Shut up! but it’s a different style.

Dream High - is mentioned as good, I have not seen it, but part 2 doesn’t justice the 1st at least that’s what I heard.

Beethoven Virus - even though it’s no rock music, I still liked it very much, for the odd characters.

Nodame Cantabile - a Japanese Drama was a bit eccentric as well, but I loved it.

I still have to finish another J-drama called SHARK!

And did you ever try the Japanes movie Bondage?

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dream high 1 and 2 are definitley the best in my opinion!!! they were the most involved in music. you should try it out and give it a shot. but its up to you. the second 1 has a bit more rock style at times. both seasons have music competitions, dancing, singing. the second one has a bit of crazy in the begining, but trust me, it gets great after episode like 4. more serious. and i dont think anything can ever stand up to the original and 1st season of a show. but i really liked the second, almost more then the 1st! but the choice is yours ^ ^ not everyone has the same taste. the battles and competition and drama in the school is good as well. and the love triangles,squares, hexagon.lol

thanks for these music recommendations! i can use all that i can get. i will definitley be checking out some of these.

i will prob. watch whats up since i love daesung from bigbang xD

i feel the same with musical, but if i ever watch it and it’s good, i will let you know.

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I feel the same about recommendations, everyone is different and I will never force anyone, with “You need to watch this or that”.
Maybe I will try out Dream High 1, since these days my drama taste doesn’t correspond too much with the current drama schedule.

me tooo!!! the new ones are good, but theyre never as good as the classic older ones. i feel the same xD thanks. if you ever do decide to try it out, let me know what you think about it and i hope you enjoy.

I prefer rom-com, and some family dramas without makjang, if possible. I watch melodrama but I avoid too much action, fiction, fantasy, … So there is not much around these days.^^

I really liked Beethoven Virus and My favorite anime/manga/drama is Nodame Cantabile soooo good. I think we must have the same taste!

@lutra and @Niennavalar Nodame Cantabile is not really in the underrated drama. It was big hit !
It was my first drama and I love it !!! I don’t think that a korean version is a good idea…

I am currently watching Shut Up for the fourth full time :slight_smile:
It’s seriously so good. the friendship. the bromance. the romance! the MUSIC!! the feels. omgg

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hhaaha so true i loved that it was kind of different from a typical romantic comedy, it was more like real life in some ways, and i liked the fact that they were pursuing a record label together and all they went through.

what exactly IS a family drama? like, i kind of get what it is but just want a clear defin.
yea, it does have romance in it, which is why i watched it and loved it. i love rom-com’s, a dont really watch too much of anything else.

whats makjang?

I apologize for mentioning Nodame Contabile here, I probably should have opened another post for it. It was only for reference to dramas related to music, that b2utybubbles prefers.
I wouldn’t think of Dream High as a underrated drama either, 'cause it had quite some response.

Normally you would put weekend dramas in the category of family drama, that centres around family and will be consumed by family.
Right now I am watching 2 weekend dramas Wonderful Days and Angel Eyes.

Makjang is a typical Korean element in drama, I am okay with it here and there but I get a head ache, if it goes overboard and the story goes either lost or will go insane. It’s for example the "hair ripping, arm grabbing, loud yelling, abusive torturing of family, especially unwanted daughter in laws, … "
For more reference and a better definition, look here at dramabeans

Hope this helps

That might be true, at least our taste over laps many times^^

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No need to apologize ! I love Nodame Cantabile, it’s a good drama.

For some reason I am not a big fan of family dramas. I got more than halfway through Creating Destiny and simply could not finish :confused:

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I’m not a big fan of family dramas. Too many episodes and too many characters. Generally I want to kill the parents :stuck_out_tongue: But there are some dramas or some moments that are nice.

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I don’t think any version can be better than the Japanese, but as a huge fan I wanna see what they will do, and if you think about it in a good way this one will promote even more the original :smiley:

But I really didn’t like the korean version of Hanazakari no Kimitachi E for example… And I don’t like the casting, they’re too old for me. And I think Jang Hyuk is not the best for a romantic drama…

I hope they do better in this one, but playing nodame sure won’t be easy… I’m curious of who could play it well, I hope they keep her innocence, her way of dressing and her weirdness lol