Upcoming KR,TW,CN Dramas (Early 2016)

Updated on 09 Feb 2016

This list is not exhaustive, and I only intend to include series with a broadcast date set. If you know of more approved/licensed channels, let me know, and I’ll update this post.

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Currently airing KR Dramas licensed on Viki


Daily (Mon-Fri)


  • Nie Xiaoqian
    Feb 2016, follows CTV Marry Me, or Not
  • Refresh Man - Licensed
    Mar 2016, follows TTV Bromance

Currently airing TW Dramas licensed on Viki


Currently airing CN Dramas licensed on Viki


who knows drama like playfull kiss

Secret Message, is coming out too. Although, it is a web series. I am not sure how that works though. Is it something that viewers just watch online, weekly. I want to see T.O.P’s new drama.

There’s a Hunan TV drama called Ice Fantasy (幻城) that’s coming out this summer. It’s going to be an epic fantasy drama. I read that Willaim Feng (Prince Lan Ling Wang), Victoria Song (from f(x) group, Love Walked In) and Kim Hee Sun (Angry Mom, Faith) are on the cast!

Updated 09 Feb 2016

  • First batch of spring Korean dramas added
  • News on upcoming Taiwanese dramas will probably be out when current series are closer to completion
  • Will add some C-Dramas later (There are so many looking to get broadcast -___-")

Does anyone know how we request for a Japanese dorama, I’d really like to watch this one:

Same way for other dramas, I assume.
I’m not really sure why Viki (or any site?) never really has any current J-dramas.

Thanks, it’s just that last time I tried to submit a Japanese Drama Channel, I was told that was not allowed. Nowadays as far as I was told by Viki whenever I tried, you can’t submit a Taiwanese, Japanese or Hong Kong drama channel. What I usually do is fill the same form I fill to get dramas licensed, but I was wondering if maybe I was missing something and there was another way?