[UPDATE 09/02/14] (New Chinese/Taiwanese/Singapore Projects) Recruiting volunteers!

Hello guys!

I’m looking for segmentors, translators and moderators for some Chinese projects.

Dad, Where Are We Going? 2 (Season 2) - 爸爸去哪儿2

A Bite of China 2

Dad Is Back - 爸爸回来了

Lady’s House - 淑女之家

Male Maternity Doctor - 产科男医生

Tiny Times 1.0 (小時代/小時代之折紙時代)

[UPDATE 09/02/14]

Tiny Times 2 - 小时代2 (MOVIE)

(Singapore drama) In The Name Of Love - 最爱是你

If you can help, comment in this topic or send me a mp.

Thank you! ^.^

Hello, I’m interested in helping out for 淑女之家 and 爸爸去哪儿2 if it gets licensed! I would like to attempt moderating but able to translate from Chinese to English.

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Hai! I’d like to sub for Dad where are we going season 2 once it gets licensed as well! I’m considering helping out with Tiny Times 1. Let me know if subbers/helpers are still needed for any of them, thanks!

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Okay! I’m going to add on the team right now. I will contact you via mp still this week.

Thank You!!! =D

Okay! =D
I will send you an mp. ^.~

i could help if u need indonesian mod

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Hi esteh!
I’ll send you a PM about it this week.

Thank you! =D

Hi There~

I’m interested in subbing chinese to english on the following drama: Tiny Times 1 and Male maternity doctor.

Thank you!

Hello ^^

I could help by being the Spanish moderator for Male Maternity Doctor, In The Name Of Love and a Bite of China 2 :slight_smile:

I added you on the projects.

I still need help in the projects.

I’m starting to put the videos of the drama “Accoucheur/Male Maternity Doctor/产科男医生” and the “Dad, Where Are We Going? 2 (Season 2) - 爸爸去哪儿2”.