Using the chat box in the subtitle editor

Yesterday I posted a message in the chatbox to the Dutch moderator who was also present in the sub editor at the time. She didnt’t react to me so she must not have seen it. Today I got a message from a subber in the chat box while I was subtitling. I only saw it by chance and she had already left when I read it. Is there a way to let people that are in the chatbox know that you’re talking to them? I normally don’t use the chat box, so I don’t really know how it works.

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I’ve asked elsewhere, but I didn’t get an answer, so maybe you can elucidate for me.
What on earth is the chatbox for? In more than 1,5 year of VERY active participation here, I have seen it of course but haven’t used it even once. Maybe it’s a useful tool that I should learn about?

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I haven’t used it often yet and I think it’s actually more convenient for subbers of popular languages on on-air shows .It’s probably good for quick questions or to ask if someone else has the same problem with something during subbing. One time I as a mod and one of my subbers were working at the same time on the show and he contacted me to ask me quickly about how to translate something. Yesterday since the Dutch mod of the show was also present in the sub editor, I wanted to notify her I was going to send her a message with some questions and asking her if she wanted to take a look, but she probably didn’t see it. It could be useful if we could notify the person we were talking to, but I don’t know it that’s possible and if it is, I don’t know how to.


It happened to m a few times that the chatter started to flash or ave a bling when something new was posted while I was segging but that didn’t happen all the time so I think new messages can be missed easily.

Now I only use chatter (if it works that is) to quickly see who’s currently working on an episode too and on which part. It’s faster then checking activities. For urgent matters or when I want to get in touch with someone I write in TD and/or PM.

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Sadly, the chat box hasn’t been working for a while now. They fixed it the other day and now is not working as it should. It used to let you know when someone send you a message with what I call a green ball (is no longer showing). I hope they look into this and please fix it for us. I use the chat box all the time (as long as is working). I really, really, miss my chat box.

I leave TD for the segmenters that need more space to communicate freely. There is another way to know who’s in the page doing work if the chat box is working. You hit the number on the left side (if it says 1 is only you there, if it says 3 when you click, you will see who is working there and in what part they are in. I love that after a short time old conversations get deleted.

I hope they look into this bc I really need my CB to communicate with my team. I feel your pain. We should write to HELP CENTER to see if they fix it again. it was working fine just the other day.

Thank you for explaining. For me, the chatbox not working was only a little inconvenient, because I hardly use it. But for the people who use it regularly, I can imagine it must be really troublesome. Anyway, it’s good to know that there used to be a way to show someone is talking to you.


It’s this thingy here…

And it’s intended for real-time chat between team members of any team while working on a show, so that the team discussion wouldn’t be crowded with less “professional” topics and more interesting topics.

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I’d seen it and opened it once or twice in my “viki lifetime”, but you can never know when your team is in there, can you? Other people sleep when you are awake, and if they are in the same timezone, they may be at work/school when you are available.
But more than one team can use it at the same time? So the conversation in Spanish will be intermingled with a conversation in French or whatever other language? Or is it possible to see only your own language?
With my teams we communicate on the google doc.
But well, if people use it, it means that to many of them it’s useful.

Correct. You would have to check every time who is there.

That’s another thing. There is a clock there that reads time, but I never figured out which time that precisely is. It’s not mine, for sure :smiley:

Additionally, the chatbox seems not to have dates. Which means that if someone posted two days ago at 12:45, it would only read 12:45, leaving you with the impression the user has posted today.

Yes, all the languages are merged together. At some point they introduced a little balloon marking the language, which made things slightly more convenient.

Final bad side of the chatbox is that you don’t get notified when a person in your language posts something. Again, you would have to check the chatbox every time to see if there are any new posts buried in the posts of other languages. Some may want to keep it open all the time, but I find it too bulky and have it closed.

I think the best thing about chatbox (for now) is that it tells you who works on the project and in what episode/part, so you feel like you’re not alone, there’s five other people in the cubicles next you - you don’t communicate with each other at all, but you know they are there.


But this purpose is served by looking at the avatars under Subtitle Editor, right?
Of course they may be just having the window open and not working, so you can check with Activity.

Aren’t avatars present only if someone is in the exact same episode and part as you?

Because, if they should be there, I think my account has some problems or something.

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@bozoli The chat box is not working properly again, so I started going to TD again. The green ball with language or notifying the person is there, no longer works.

I was able to use the chat before bc it was only 2 ppl in my team and we worked at the same time (nighttime) but the team grew and now, is not productive enough. I recommend the chat box when is 1 or 2 working in the episode at the same hours only… It worked for me, but for big teams, I don’t recommend the chatter box at all.

No, I mean that you can quickly check all 6 parts to see who is where. And of course, if you go in a part where someone else is working already, you leave until they’re finished.
All this if they are too lazy to note in TD (for the English team). For my team, we note what part we’re working on on our google sheet, so nobody else touches that part until they sign out marking the percentage they have arrived at.
I vastly prefer communication on google sheets. I can see at one glance who is doing what and how much of the episode is ready, who worked in previous episodes and who was absent, who won’t be able to come because they’re busy. Plus the conversations, questions and answers on specific words/expressions - which can be useful in the future as well. For instance, formality level, titles of people, how a Crown Prince calls his mom in Italian and so on.

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