Valentine's Day Binge Watch Challenge 2022! Why are the shows NOT WP eligible!


Aww!! VIKI!!!

WHY ARE THESE SHOWS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR WATCH PARTIES? I want to binge-watch with friends!


Plus, there’s only Korean dramas, no Chinese dramas or others.


One of them is not available outside Americas :joy:


The first three shows (Viki Pass Standard) seem to have a Watch Party button.

Tempted is not available in my region (The Netherlands).

Last year, they also only used South Korean dramas for the binge watch challenge.


For those who weren’t around last year. Don’t forget to RSVP. It doesn’t say in how to Qualify that you need to RSVP, but you do.


Scroll down below the qualified shows for the RSVP button.


I’ll try squeezing in Hwarang or Uncontrollably Fond. I was already thinking about re-watching these. :heart_eyes:

I hope the Valentine’s badge is cute. lol


I’m guessing it looks like this :arrow_down:



Oh it’s cute! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I wanted to WP Hwarang but no popcorn button! :sob:


That’s too bad. It would be a good one for a WP.

It’s been long enough that I’ve forgotten that plot.


The cute badge is the entire reason i’m joining this :rofl:


Same! It’s so easy to get too, which is nice. I haven’t gotten the chance to participate in these little events for special badges yet.


…Because you probably need to watch it separately for their system to register each of you did.


Well… I dunno about that. Each person has to have a Viki account for watch parties anyway. Viki can tell who is in the WPs if they bothered to look.


:thinking: I think you can participate in a watch party without a Viki account. At least the suggestion showed up on my mom’s app on her ipad.


No, you can’t, you need to be logged in. I once was logged out and did want to join a watch party, but needed to sing in to do so.


That’s how they reel you in to sign up then.


Will I get the badge?
I marked that I wanted to participate on the pop up and then I watched Hwarang. I am on the 5th episode.
Am I just not being patient enough and it will show up later? :slight_smile:


It said the badges would be awarded at the end of the event, which I think goes until the 22nd of the month.


Thank you!
I didn’t remember reading that.