Valentine's Day Binge Watch Challenge 2022! Why are the shows NOT WP eligible!


Read this reminder today :star_struck:
Last Chance to Binge & Win a badge!

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I chose Hwarang. I watched up to ep. 12 or something. The thing is that it doesn’t show up in my watch history. :thinking: During ep. (1-4) I stopped during ep 1 and continued the next day (but it didn’t do the automatic continue) I had to jump to the spot myself. I’m just wondering if my views are still counted.

I noticed some dramas I watched doesn’t show up in my watch history. Therefore it’s been difficult to keep track of where I left off. I think I’ll need to do a “clear browser history” and see if that’ll fix the problem. Otherwise, it’s Viki’s side that has a bug.


Hehehe… I wonder if the Binge Watching Challenges are here precisely for that - to detect mistakes in registering watch history and such :stuck_out_tongue: (Not just to commercialise the shows.)


That’s interesting. I started, Uncontrollably Fond, to test out the binge challenge with another show. I’ll see if it pops up in my watch history after 4 episodes.


What browser are you usually using? I have the problem, when I watch over Opera GX it doesn’t update my watch history.


I’m on Chrome.

Upon watching 5 episodes of Uncontrollably Fond, it didn’t update the watch history.
I’m going to clear browser history and see if things will get fixed.


In Chrome it works just fine for me, now I’m always switching between browsers :rofl:


I don’t know why mine is having an issue recently. It’ll only have the first episode in my watch history and nothing after that. Sometimes I’m confused at which episode I’m on. I usually watch until I’m K.O. lol So I have no memory of which episode I stopped at.

Clearing browsing history didn’t do anything with the watch history on Viki.


Well, I binged Hwarang to Ep 7. We’ll see if I get a sticker in a few weeks.

I REALLY want to have a Watch Party for Hwarang! VIKI! Please make Hwarang WP able! Thank you!


I just realized I received my Valentine’s binge badge! It’s my very first Viki badge. :heartpulse:


Congrats! I haven’t seen mine yet.


Oh I got mine too, I didn’t expect it that fast. It’s so cute.


Got mine too! It’s so cutee.


Still didn’t get mine. I watched the first 4 episodes of Hwarang :worried:



Check again. I just got mine, and is such a cute heart!


Same :sweat_smile:


Same situation with School. I opened a ticket a few days ago, but as usual, I still haven’t received a reply.


I will wait till next week until I open a ticket. As they said that it can take up to 2 weeks until the badges are applied.

But it’s just sad if you go on the profiles of others, and they all already got their badges. :sweat_smile:


I also didnt get mine yet, but my watch history also doesnt show what I’ve watched :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I watched five eps of Hwarang just for good measure and kept checking whether my Continue Watching was updated. Was yours? (I got my badge)