Valentine's Day Binge Watch Challenge 2022! Why are the shows NOT WP eligible!


Yeah, it was updated. I watched it with a browser where I was sure it will update.


Oh well… As of now, no sign of the lovely badge yet :frowning::confounded:


I asked about the continue watching feature not updating, staff said to try clearing your browser history, (screen capture your evidence first) and/or disable your adblocker if you have one. I disabled my ad blocker and the continue watching feature is working again. It’s weird because I didn’t have a problem until the Valentine’s event happened.

Also, still no badge for me lol
I watched 11 Hwarang eps.
And 5 Uncontrollably Fond.

I even RSVP like 3 times to be sure I did it right.


I did that and it still wouldn’t work like it used to.

Ah… I’m not going to do this though. The blocker for me applies across the board. There are some webpages that would serve “awful” ads without it. I guess I can live without this function on Viki.


I’m still wondering what the use is of RSVPing as you didn’t need to give any info about yourself.


Same. I keep it on for everywhere else too. I didn’t have a problem with it on Viki before but now that it’s causing issues I guess disabling won’t be a big deal. I won’t get the ads anyway.

I think when Viki updated something it caused issues with adblocker.


I have no idea. Maybe it’s what helps them check on their side if someone participated?


Viki uses Typeform and so they can track our ID through our RSVP.


Maybe they’re giving badges according to dramas. Viewers of drama A get their badges early or something like that…?

I watched Wok Of Love, btw. I was one of the first people to get the badge.


Go to Sean’s page (The guy who posted this promotion) and click support and ask Viki about it.


Did you do this?

Wanna join? RSVP here!

If you didn’t click on here and follow the steps. MAYBE some of u guys forgot that part. Do it again today if you didn’t before. You never know…:slightly_smiling_face:


@whomever hasn’t gotten the cute heartimage yet


I did :slight_smile:


Yep, I RSVP 3 times prior to the event and during the event.



I also watched WOK OF LOVE the whole thing since it got me hooked to re-watch.

@damiechan @midknightmoodz

It’s so unfair you don’t have the heart yet, and makes no sense to me. Hope they get to it already so we can hear the good news from you guys.


Hi I didn’t get my badge yet :frowning:


Send a message to viki staff and tell them. I don’t know if they look at this discussion board.


For anyone who hasn’t gotten their badges yet I made a post in the community forum of the help center you cn go over there an comment, that you are experiencing the same issue.


The link doesn’t work for me :upside_down_face:


The link doesn’t work


The link is closed by a Viki staff. I also haven’t received my badge and have notified a staff.