Valentine's Day Binge Watch Challenge 2022! Why are the shows NOT WP eligible!


I am in the same situation. Just now, after three weeks, I gave them a reply in the ticket. I hope they reply. :confused:


I never received mine either.

I think it might have to do with the fact that during the marathon my “continue watching” feature wasn’t working. (scroll up to my earlier replies about how that was resolved) Anyway, I have no way of proving that I watched the episodes because I cleared my browsing history. Thinking this would help the “cw” feature to work. I forgot to screencap the history BEFORE clearing.

I was low-key thinking Viki know we watched the episodes because of the RSVP. Like, wouldn’t they have a tracker? hmmmm… I’m pretty bummed about it. I really wanted the little cute heart. I even watched 2 dramas.


Ok it seems I’m not the only one missing the Heart badge. I watched the entire drama of Uncontrollably Fond, so I’ll file a ticket.


seems like geographic restriction maybe…


No, you’re not. Unfortunately, if your “watched list” isn’t functioning properly, and didn’t during the bw challenge (like mine was not, and still not functioning to date), then you’ll be just as “out of luck” as I am. I was told my bw wasn’t “captured” and so I don’t “qualify” for the badge. If you have screenshots, you should submit them when you file that ticket.

I did a rewatch of School 2017, just the first 4 episodes, just for the cute badge. Oh well… I know now to always “gather evidence” for the worst case scenario.:expressionless:


My watch list hasn’t been working for very long, I use opera in privat so it blocks ads and tracking. In the Help Center the banner says:
Continue Watching’ delay

Our team is aware that there are times where ‘Continue Watching’ may not update intermittently and are we are (:grin:) currently working on a fix. Meanwhile, if you’re using a web browser, try disabling AdBlock, as this has resolved the issue for some users.
@jadecloud88 Here:

I filed a ticket on Thursday am and so far no response yet.
I had this problem the other times with the 4 different badges, and I don’t remember if it showed in my watch list… they had to track it back and found it. (perhaps it’s a laborious work). But I’m really surprised that they didn’t grant it to you. I did register multiple times,
because it was strange, usually you had to fill your user ID. Also often when clicking the link it brought me to another viki page…

I still hope… otherwise I’ll be really upset!


For me too. It hasn’t been working for a long time. I did clear cache and do whatever I had to but nothing could bring back the “watched list” to work properly. To date.

It’ll take about a week. I PM’d twice and finally received a response. They said they checked but saw no record of my “viewing” and so I don’t qualify for it. I do have a few screenshots of viewers’ timed comments that I thought were “funny” or “vulgar” that I could have provided to them but I doubt that would suffice. So be it.

It’s weird though because Viki should have known its “watched list” feature hasn’t been functioning for a long time, and where we would still see the “alert” you mentioned, but I guess the Ad Block could be the issue here. It could have blocked all forms of tracking, couldn’t it? Oh well, I’d rather the Ad Block than the cute badge then. Many sites out there, especially the C-sites, have a lot of unwanted viruses and unviewable “nonsense” which I have no desire to watch.

I hope you will get yours. Viki can’t have both of us (and some others) upset, can it? :crossed_fingers:


I wonder what’s the point of RSVPing when it doesn’t “track” the shows we chose for the binge challenge.


I thought this whole binge challenge was for them to test the tracking the shows (and what’s wrong).


I thought so, too. I thought there’d be a double layer of “tracking”… “Typeform RSVP” and “Continue Watching” function. I guess not. :roll_eyes:


I don’t think they know something went wrong until you complain you don’t have your badge. I believe we are the human monitors :smirk:


I already sent a complaint/message a week after the event ended. Their response was just to disable adblock and clear browsing history to get the continue watching to work.

They didn’t however address my other concern, in the same message, that whether or not if the continue watching feature not working would affect the “tracking” of the Valentine’s day event because I had not received the badge.

This is where it gets contradicting though. They ask for “proof” of us watching the shows by taking screenshots of our watch history… so it’s a goner if you already cleared browsing thinking it’ll help the continue watching to work…

I conclude this event was not the best planned. Instructions unclear.
I don’t think I want to message them again about the badge. It should be quite evident many of us had a problem with the event by now since more than a couple people didn’t get it.


In my case, I was told it was that feature that did not “track” what I’ve watched, and so, I didn’t watch it. :open_mouth: I did clear cache several times. In fact, it’s a habit of mine to clear cache every week.

I did the latter, but I will not disable Ad Block for the badge because it’s very useful. I no longer want to be “shown” porn materials, let alone unbelievably awful stuff, online. Viki isn’t the only site that I use or subscribe to. Oh well, I’m letting it be. No biggie, badge or no badge. Although I must say I really do like this special “heart” badge design. :frowning_face:


You can disable just for Viki but keep it enabled for all other sites.


That’s what I was thinking - that you can ‘white list’ specific sites on which to disabled your ad-blocker, at least I could on mine.


Yeah. I don’t need the blocker on Viki anyway since I don’t get ads on this site.


That’s… so stupid.


@midknightmoodz @my_happy_place
Now that you two brought this up, I did have as one of my whitelisted sites.
That means the issue isn’t what we thought it is? Hmm… the “culprit” has got to be the “continue watching” feature which continues to be glitchy.


For sure. It’s been glitchy for a while. If you search discussions there’s been other people who had this same problem about the “cw” not working.

I always had the blocker on for Viki and “cw” was working fine. It wasn’t until a couple weeks before the V-day event, that it stopped working. I didn’t think anything of it until the event happened. I realized it could become a problem for tracking.


Yes, every time Viki suggests disabling ad blocker as a potential ‘fix’ for the problems with the ‘continue watching’ feature, I always roll my eyes, because I have always had Viki whitelisted on my ad blocker, and I still get frequent problems with this particular feature. At least every few months it quits working, despite all their suggestions for how to keep this from happening. It baffles me how such a major feature on their platform can continue to be such a problem, but that’s a discussion for another thread, of which there have been several on the topic. :confused: