Vietnamese subtitles for Korean drama

I know of several Korean dramas for which there are either no episodes or only one or two episodes done in Vietnamese. I have always thought it would be nice for Vietnamese viewers to see more than the first episode in their own language. Please contact me if you are interested!


Because of their multiple other choices due to a lighter legal framework, they have access to dramas through other ways (not Viki).
They also have dubbed Korean and Chinese dramas airing on TV.
The Vietnamese subs are the ones that are released super fast on the internet.
It’s been like that since the first steps of Korean dramas and Chinese dramas.
I remembered 2 Chinese dramas at that time and Korean dramas I saw dubbed on TV when I was there.

I don’t say this to discourage Vietnamese subs on Viki, of course not.
They just turn to other ways that existed a long time before, it could explain why they won’t turn to Viki, compared to their multiple other choices and also the fastness of their subs. But it’s a full generation that has been really living in Kdramas. They have a strong fanbase there.

The only occurence I think they turn to Viki is when they understand English and live in America. (the young generation that hasn’t learnt Vietnamese at school).

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They would turn to Viki if it becomes a regular thing. The Viki is much more consistent, reliable and with wide drama selection than any other streaming platform that I have seen. I’m willing to translate to Vietnamese, however it would have to be from English.


Hi, im new to subtiles for Korean drama, im fluent in Vietnamese, English and i know a but of Korean. I want to volunteer as translate subtiles from english to vietnamese. And if i got accept do i work with others people or work by myself

Go to a show that interests you and ask the channel manager of that show about doing subs.

Perfect timing!
I was looking for a person who can translate to Vietnamese but couldn’t find one.

This is the show for which I am looking for volunteers.
Today's Kira-kun | Rakuten Viki

Contact me if the show is available to you and you’re interested.

I’m a Vietnamese living in the US. I’m fluent in both Vietnamese and English, but I prefer to have Vietnamese substile in Viki because to me Asian cultures are kind of similar and that reflect in their language that English cannot convey the same meaning. I enrolled to Viki last night with $9.99 fee monthly, but to be disappointed of lacking of Vietnamese subtiltles, and I will have to cancel by subscription. I think a lot of my firiends would do the same.

Wouldn’t you want to translate those shows into Vietnamese yourself?


@ nguyenhuutri_586
I enrolled to Viki last night with $9.99 fee monthly, but to be disappointed of lacking of Vietnamese subtiltles,

It doesn’t make sense to use that as a reason to cancel @Rviki since your English is so good, and on the other hand, you might be faced with terrible Vietnamese translations. I think it would be wonderful if you could contribute here as a volunteer and give viewers good Quality vietnamese subtitles. That in turn will give you a chance to reach viki plus pass subscription for FREE! Isn’t that a much better idea?