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Dear Viki Staff & community,

I just thought of something (I’m not sure if it’s possible). What if there was a way to directly show on the drama channel page that it needs volunteers (Eng, French, Spanish etc…). It could part of the “manage channel” section that only moderators&channel managers have access to. There could be a button to choose like “Full” or “looking for volunteers” or “Open” etc… That way people can directly go to the show they would like to translate and see if volunteers are needed in their language (It would reduce a big number of inbox messages). It would also a little bit fix the Project Finder problem. You could just put the show itself instead of episodes and no automatic message. The volunteers click on the show that leads them to the main page where it shows what I wrote above (Team full or not etc…). I think that right now Viki focus more on who WANTS to translate and less of who NEEDS people to translate. And the teams don’t go over 10 usually (for 16eps 1x/week but depends on the show) so having people constantly message you and always having to tell them “sorry we are full” is a not really fun. That way people won’t waste time on channels where they are not really needed. Volunteers and moderators can still post on the forums as usual. I made a few edits of how it could look like. The font and the size are not perfect but I tried. It’s just a draft and it would obviously look better if Viki does it. I tried two versions/possibilities. I hope this inspires them if they like the concept. I hope this is something that is not impossible and that you can consider. 2C72B0FD-8A1C-4673-BC57-A2E0DDEDF421 FEC697E6-07E0-488D-9366-CE623FDB79A3

Please leave your thoughts, I would love to hear them.:blush: @jeslynl @irmar


That’s a great idea! I think this would make it easier for volunteers to look for projects.


I love it! Great original thinking, none of us ever thought of that!


What do you mean teams never go over 10?

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I like version 2 more of your ideas.

Might be even better when it’s visible at every tab page of a drama; could be like a info box with highlighted languages in need for subbers.

Nice idea.

Probably VIKI won’t implement it though :disappointed_relieved:


I really loved your idea @kassidymayura2002. This is so original.
And I liked the second version.

It could also be very helpful if the Project Finder is synced with this form. On shows where there is already a moderator, they can put up shows where they need help, and rather than a set message, the hyperlink should take the newbie to their inbox with the concerned moderator as the recipient.

Of course, this does not apply to shows where there is no moderator for a specific language.
By default, all shows should be in the Project Finder and then the moderator/CM can pull up or take down their shows from the Project Finder according to their need of subbers.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Maybe some languages can never recruit more than 10 subbers (as for Hindi) but some languages can even go beyond 50 subbers (as for Spanish and Portuguese)

P.S. Merry Christmas everyone!


I meant that usually moderators won’t hire more than that because what happens is that some people don’t get to translate the show at all. There are usually only 6 parts in each episodes.

Hmm… But there are 12 episodes per week. Italian teams routinely go for 12 subbers (so it’s one part per week for each) and 2-3 “reserves” in case someone cannot make it.
In my case, I take even more, because I don’t assign parts, I do the “continuous subbing” method, a bit like the English team, where every one comes when they can and take over where the other has left (we mark what everyone does on a Google sheet to be able to see immediately which is the next available place)


Ah okay, but for 2 episodes per week, there are 12 parts.
And so we do it like Irmar wrote. We search for 12 subbers and 2 - 3 replacement subbers (for holidays, illness, work schedules, etc…).
I also like draft 2 more =)
great idea you had

Oh I was talking more about when its a 1 episode per week for kdramas that have 16 episodes. Merry Christmas by the way🎄

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So yeah I didn’t mean shows that have 2 episodes per week and even so when I said not more than 10 its like not 15-20 people. When its a simple kdrama of 16 episodes once a week. Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:!

Maybe you want to post your idea also on the Viki Ideas board in the Help Center? But honestly I don’t know, how much Viki actually takes these ideas into consideration.

I think we all know how much. Like using it as virtual toilet paper?


If I may suggest something for our Project Contributions Page…?

  1. No mention of the language one is moderator of.
  2. No mention of the current episode progress in the concerned language although English progress is present.
  3. No mention of current progress in the language.


  1. Language is mentioned alongside position.
  2. Language progress is also mentioned below latest episodes and English progress of episodes that are subtitled between 0% to 10% in concerned language.
  3. Total number of current episodes translated (considering 91% to 100% as complete)

No mention of the language they’re a subtitler of.
No mention of episode progress in concerned language.

Not mentioning progress for subtitlers as it doesn’t concern them.

And an example overview like this?

I am fully aware of the busy schedules of Viki Staff and that they’re constantly trying to implement best techniques as they can, for us volunteers. I also wanted to suggest a couple of things that are in high demand among us (especially for CMs).


With all due respect - the latest version with each language separately tracked - please bear in mind at times not even the English percentages are correct on dramas…I think the reality here is we can’t get folders in our mailboxes we’ve asked for logically for years now. They archived all the contributions to take them out of the active rotation, right?

I think they are trying to reduce the “overhead” brought on by volunteers rather than invest in us.

We have become hidden from sight, and now they wear earmuffs as well. Unseen…unheard…unread…

Perhaps if I win the jackpot, I would like to build a good site someday and would cheerfully embrace such ideas. :slight_smile: I have not yet done so, being unfortunately stuck on part 1, “win the jackpot”. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp


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So it is for me since I don’t know when.


I think this would be a great help for CMs, if they have to choose Moderators


I used to have it, but not anymore.

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I think it only remained with these 10 “prominent” languages, you know English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, 3 kind of Chinese (was it?) and Korean, I think every other language was dropped for this kind of display, if they will change it again in the future - Who knows?


I mean there’s still hope because they implemented my idea (this discussion thread).

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