[Viki Community] Announcing the new Project Finder


The problem we were referring to, was that there are to many channels showing up in the PF, that are not available for other volunteers. Are there more volunteers doing other jobs, or are there more CMs? Why so hung up on that applying choice on the channel page, it could as well be a giant button there for volunteer applications that lead you to the PF, that would be one click more, I, for one, wouldn’t find fault with Viki. We had it so many times in relevant processes, that we had to do one or two addition clicks after an “upgrade”, that was really upsetting, because it kept our fingers more busy. But this one would be an extra click you wouldn’t do that often, or is it?


How will that problem be solved by removing the Apply button from the channel page?

Hitting that button is absolutely the same as going to the PF, finding the project and hitting that same button again.

I simply don’t see the point.


Then don’t. No problem.


I was doing my project and just randomly thought of project finder. So, came here to get some reviews.
How do others think about this feature in PF, a button to let you know you’ve already applied for CM position?


You see if you have applied, when you again try to apply, maybe that’s why there isn’t such a buttom? Thats what I thought



That’s what it means that you have already APPLIED for that show. I applied for a variety show and forgot about it and it said Applied so I knew it meant I applied already for that one.


I just noticed the “automatically hidden teams” statement.


That’s great. Also, when we are going to choose a show to translate, we need a sign to show how much it is translated from English! 100%,90%,80%…