[Viki Community] Announcing the new Project Finder


Yes, it is annoying:

I saw Father’s House as a project after searching for Eng-Ger translation. Go to the channel - Not available in your region.

I got the suggestion My Secret Terrius - a channel with only English subtitles

This is as I have no other word - disappointing.

No worries, I am not locking for a new project. This was just to look up the new Project Finder … I still have one project to do.


I have to say, for me, it would make more sense if we could exclude what we do not want to translate and to use more than one filter option.

Does it make sense, when you find a drama with the Project Finder, you either need to open a new tab in order to access more information?
And it is the hard way, either you are starting from zero.
Or you will need to open a new tab with going to your profile and looking from there.
Or you open the apply form and use the link to the recipient and use their project page.
Is it so hard to add another link to the drama title???
I am no techie, I am just asking.


I think we agree, that this was long overdue, but since it is working now. Good. Next point

Finally! But why must it be a challenge to access a drama’s channel page from the Project Finder?

Another finally, everything must be better than the one from the old version, we will hear what CM’s will say about the incoming apply forms.
How do I while filling out an apply form recognize if this goes to the inbox of the CM or the language moderator?

Hurray! Someone invented the wheel. (I am sorry, just happy over the smallest things sometimes.) :wink:

This is good, I can’t test it as I only use one screen, but I will just believe it.

It seems I have missed out on something, will head back to PF …
Okay, I got the synopsis, that doesn’t really give me the access to the channel page, but is better than nothing. Now if only all synopses at Viki were, actually … “useful”, maybe the newer ones, I can’t tell, after encountering some in the past, I rarely read them anymore, I always think, that instead of a synopsis that tells me the whole storyline, there should be a text making me curious, so I want to watch the drama. When I know all that is going to happen, why watch it?

We will see what effect it will bring, if it will put the CMs’ inboxes on a diet, or if the appliers will just take longer to still send the same amount of apply forms as before.

I have not checked it yet, but heard that it doesn’t work for everyone, I think there must be some hidden “mechanism”, they are not aware of. There you will need to help them. Fast, if possible.

That’s it for now.

P.S. Originally my post wasn’t so long, after making one edit, the whole post from Viki Community is visible in full length, why?
3rd edit, after edit number two I have the short version again, I am curious if after now making the third adjustment, if there will be the long version again?


Yup same problem I had only with C dramas and gold qc too. Guess they don’t want any help…grin.


Hi everyone! I literally just woke up and found the best solution (in my opinion though).

One of the problems with Pro’ Finder at the moment is the fact that there are too many shows that are already complete in certain languages, so they take up space in the catalog and are hiding shows that are truly in need. The reason why it’s like that is because we (Moderators) are asked to hide our language if we are not recruiting. What if a moderator decided to leave Viki 5 years ago and some subtitles are at 99%? What if the moderator is not active anymore? What if one just doesn’t see the utility and is too lazy to do it? etc… So many different reasons.

I think that instead of hiding the demand we should add the demand. I don’t know if it makes sense. By letting moderators say that they are looking for volunteers (in the same team settings) we ensure that these show are ACTUALLY looking for volunteers. Because that system of pourcentage of completion doesn’t equal the human side of ASKING for help. It doesn’t cost any time either because we already have to go on “team settings” to hide teams, so we can go there again to add it.

That way, Viki can empty the whole “want to subtitle” catalog (yes, literally 0 shows recruiting) and send a message to all moderators asking them to go on “team settings” of their shows to add their language IF they are recruiting volunteers.

***I will shorten my proposition once I get to have good discussion with my lovely community and gather their opinions :smiley:


That’s also a good idea to ensure that the projects that need volunteers the most might be able to get them.


I like it. It makes sense.
But there is a problem with it. What will happen to shows that are abandoned and have no active CM? Who will see the situation and alert Viki? At least now, if someone asks to be in the team and nobody answers, they can alert. If a moderator doesn’t answer, they can write to the CM. If the CM doesn’t answer, they can write to Viki. If your suggestion got implemented, those shows would be forgotten by everybody.


There is only one issue with that - abandoned projects, ones where Mods are no longer active and the project is at a standstill.

Instead of just Mods having the privilege to register their team is looking for volunteers in their language, I would also give CMs the possibility to apply for all languages which have been started.


Ah, we wrote the same thing at the same time! :slight_smile:


Not surprising, I must say :grin:


I understand and I’m really not trying to say that your thinking is not important (I don’t know the term for it), but we are talking about a project finder. It’s sole purpose is for users (more specifically new ones) to find projects where they can work on. Having a full catalog and unorganized makes it hard to find projects and therefore defeats the purpose. At the end it becomes a useless site page. Again, it’s project finder. Yes you are completely right there is a problem with abandoned projects, but I think we need to find another solution for that, one that doesn’t jeopardize the utility of this site. Sorry if I don’t explain very well😥


I think Viki should somehow add a visible request subtitle, where viewers can ask directly, not that they need to find the form hidden in the Help Center. So maybe abandoned channels with demands from viewers will find attention as well, and translation on these project might get pushed and not be in vain.

I think your idea is good, the other problem is that the new PF is suggesting too many project volunteers have no access to, either because of geo-blocking, or missing Pass. Therefore, if not otherwise possible, they should set with our preference an option to filter with our location, qualification and Pass.


Yes, that would be super useful, but as you know, “coming soon” projects always appear as “not available in your region”, even if later on they are indeed available. AND which regions it will be available on is a deep secret until the very last moment. I wonder how that could be circumvented.


They should probably remove this CM application from the main page of the channels. Why is it there anywhere? Even if you want to be a channel manager, why would you jump on a channel for an application?

Why not do a project finder for all:

  • positions: CM, Mod, editor, subber, segmenter, page designer
  • location
  • qualification level: Gold QC, QC, non QC, ninja, …
  • knowledge level: almost perfect skills, good skills, starter
  • preference: content from up to 3 countries, special skills medical, law, historical drama …
  • adverse content: horror, violence, rom-com, …

That shouldn’t be completely impossible, shouldn’t it?


Let’s keep dreaming, my friend…


I doubt this one. Everyone would mark themselves as almost perfect skills, even if they’ve never made any (almost perfect) contributions here.


I wouldn’t, but I am also the type if there is a 10 points rating, I barely go for the 10.

And for starters, some other aspects would be more pressing.
LOL and it’s only for inspiration, I am not here to do the work for Viki.


If you’re not actively trying to become a CM on any given project, but are specifically interested in that one drama/movie, you click Apply there, on the channel pages, you don’t go to the PF and try to find it there.


That is how it is now, but we were talking about what we could change.
Why keep 3 different houses, when you could put it under one roof?
CM application - channel page
Mod application - CM inbox, some use the comment section, or here at discussion
subber …
segmenter …
Why not go to one place to apply for “jobs”? We are talking about a future that might not even happen.


Why would I have to go to PF to browse through many projects to find that one specific project I’m interested in? The two ways to apply as a CM don’t hinder each other and go into the same basket of applications. I don’t see any issues with that button on the channel page.