[Viki Community] Meet the Viki Community Team!



Could you provide a list of specific tasks attributed to each Viki Community Manager? I’d like to know whom to contact in particular cases. (Before, Jeslyn was handling report regarding abuse, I know one was reponsible for Chinese drama, another one for Korean… but since the team changed, that would be helpful.)

And also, who’s the head of the Community Team since @mariliam left?



Well, I think they’re not entirely interested in bonding with the community, since they didn’t bother replying. I’m getting annoyed at Viki each passing day.

And since we can’t count on no one but ourselves, I found this info while browsing the web. (For all that’s worth)
@giant_sean is listed as Team lead. So I supposed he’s in charge… :thinking: (If someone was still wondering)

But my knowledge stops here…
Would @vikicommunity be so kind as to reply? So We know who to adress our complaints to, instead of bothering you four each time…


The funniest part is that they do know how to mail “We want to hear from you” mails, “help us make the Contributor Community better, take this survey”… yet my tickets are being left unsolved… how much buzz does it need?


I feel you. If we want answers we need to figure them out by ourselves by surfing all the possible pages available on Viki. I spend more of my free time looking for answers than actually contributing :unamused:

Let’s hang in there as much as possible :raised_hands:
You are definitely a very valuable member of this community and your cover pages are awesome too!

And it would be awesome if @vikicommunity could let us know in detail who we should contact for specific issues.

For example:

  • All viki staff members are in charge of all language titles.
    Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese? Or each of them takes care of a specific language project? I wonder…

  • Reporting abusers.

  • Adding you as a co-manager, moderator or subtitler to a channel that the manager is no longer active on viki. And I am talking about managers who left viki around 4 to 5 years ago…

Any other issues out there?


It’s been around two years since I last responded to any of their surveys. Nothing I ever suggest gets done anyway. So why should I completely waste my time?


They’re hearing from us, they’re reading what we send, they just choose not to care, that’s easier… until… it starts to fall apart.


I miss Jeslyn and the good ol’ days I used to get a reply to my messages. Now I get ignored every time. I don’t get it. They always said how great I was. Was it something I did? The love is gone? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama? Am I?


I think something really serious must be going on…

Should we post here who hasn’t received a reply from a private message or a ticket submitted for over 15 days? 1 month? 1 year? :sunglasses:

I am scared to see how many we are out there waiting for a reply :relieved:


We should have a new thread for that, so that people who don’t follow this thread can see. We can link the new thread here.




OMG!!! I laughed so loud right now my ancestors could hear me LoL :joy: love it