[Viki Community Team] Applications Manager Update

Hello community!

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who submitted their helpful feedback on the recently added Applications Manager feature.

We are happy to announce that we’ve made quite a few changes since the initial launch of Applications Manager based on some of the most popular requests. Read more about these below:


With the new changes, there are now 3 different ways recruiters can know when they’ve received a new application(s) for any of the channels they are managing. They are:

1. Email Notifications:

Recruiters (Channel Managers and Moderators) will now be able to opt in to receiving an email notification when a new application arrives on the channel(s) they are recruiting for.

To receive these email notifications, please be sure to turn your notification settings on, as shown below:

  1. Access “Applications Manager

  2. Click on “Settings,” located under the Applications Manager subtext

  3. Slide the Email notification button “on”

2. Pending Applications Visual Indicator:

Applications Manager will now display the number pending applications in each channel. This will help eliminate the need for recruiters to enter each channel individually to check for any new applications.

3. Refresh Banner

As recruiters are reviewing applications, a banner will appear at the bottom of the page when that channel has received a new application, based on the filters applied. You can refresh the page to view new incoming applications.

Ability to contact applicants and edit messages

Recruiters now have the option to contact an applicant before making any final decisions. In addition, recruiters can now edit and customize their messages to applicants before sending!

For more information on these updates and other improvements that have been made, please read our Help Center article, What is the Applications Manager?

We hope these changes help make the recruitment experience smoother!

Viki Community Team


Well done! :clap:

Thank you for listening to the Community’s input :blush:

Now it would be really great if you could sequester all finished moderator projects into a separate category, so that the projects still appear in the AM, but don’t clutter its homepage.


This will be helpful because all of our projects are on this page while many of them are finished.
But thanks for those updates, it will be better.