[Viki Community Team] September 2023 Updates

Seg-Subtember 2023

Seg-Subtember 2023 is happening right now! If you haven’t had the chance to participate and contribute yet, don’t worry. You still have more than 2 weeks to jump in and win some gemstone badges!

Don’t forget to let us know which badge you’re pursuing each week in the dedicated Discussions thread, and encourage two others by liking their comments!

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If you would like to be notified when each new Seg-Subtember week starts, click the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Seg-Subtember category.

:tada: Tada! A New Help Center! :star_struck:

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new dedicated Help Center just for our Contributor Community!

Some of the many new features you’ll find are:

  • New Viki U training videos to onboard new Contributors
  • FAQs, a Glossary, and updated Help articles to always keep you informed
  • VIA (beta), who can help navigate and answer some of your questions

Read more details by visiting the “Contributor Help Center & Training Videos” Discussions post!

Looking for Viki Segmenters

Are you a new or seasoned Segmenter currently looking for new projects to join? We started a “Looking for Viki Segmenters” Discussions thread where you can leave comments if you are interested in segmenting, or learn about titles that are available for segmenting.

Applications Manager Updates (Pt. 2)

Thank you for patiently waiting! As promised, we made several updates based on the feedback we received on the Applications Manager tool. To learn more, take a look at our “Applications Manager Update” Discussions post and the “What is the Applications Manager?” Help Center article.

Contributors Spotlight

To continue the 10-year anniversary celebrations for Discussions, we would like to spotlight 2 members who have been Discussion mainstays since the very beginning — Simi11 and Bozoli! :tada:

Together, they’ve read over 118,000 posts, and commented over 4,800 times! Read on and find out (in their own words) how many languages they speak (hint: multitudes), which posts they recommend for everyone, and which Viki drama they would watch for the rest of their lives!


Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 10.18.40 AM

  1. Where did you grow up:

  2. What got you into Asian dramas:
    I gave up American TV because of too many commercials but also due to disinterest in their series, and therefore was just looking for something new and different and got hooked :wink:

  3. Do you speak more than one language? …
    My mother tongue is originally Czech, but I grew up in Switzerland that has officially 4 languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh. So while I spoke Swiss German (dialect) at school we learnt German as written German or high German. Later French was mandatory. I also studied English later and in London. So I can communicate in French and what I remember from my Spanish study in Spain for 2 months and working at Ibiza for 5 months. From British English I got to American English during my 28 years stay in the US.

  4. What’s the title of a fun or useful Discussion topic that you’d recommend visiting?
    Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?
    Definitely this topic which is important and fun at the same time. Many newcomers do not know how to use Discussions, guidelines but also useful tools like html and the editor. I love Discord Brat the Discobot! :smiley: There is opportunity to participate in a 2 user level and receive a certificate for accomplishment. – This part in the topic is about June 21 (2021). But the entire page is full of funny memes and comments as well.

  5. What’s your favorite type of Asian drama?
    I’m all for any historical dramas :wink:

  6. What’s the kindest thing someone has done for you recently?
    Inviting me to a cookout and I didn’t have to bring anything :smiley:

  7. Your favorite Viki memory?
    I think it was in 2011 or 2012 I was new to Viki, just a viewer. I watched Kim Soo Ro historical drama or also called sageuk. I was so taken that I posted a comment about the subtitles coming slow, and Lacruiser a senior wrote me back asking why don’t I try writing subtitles, and I wasn’t sure I could do it, but then later on got on a team and tried my bests, that’s how I started volunteering at Viki.

  8. Is there a fellow Viki Contributor that you’d like to shoutout? Can you share who that is and why? :heart:
    That would be Astrid, “@somejuwels” at Viki. She is a longtime fellow senior volunteer I learnt with and always got along [with] well. She is very good at leadership and is also my long distance garden friend.

  9. What would you like to accomplish before the end of the year?
    I would love to finally find an apartment that I can move to, it has been a headache so far, very difficult times. I pray for good luck!

  10. You get one Viki drama to watch for the rest of your life. What is it?
    Hmm, that would be Jumong. Sadly Viki removed in 2021 the Sageuk Channel, which had extensive work of chronological summary as per historical events in dramas.



  1. Where did you grow up:
    I grew up in Croatia, in a town called Bjelovar, known for its dairy and cookie industry, far from the seaside.

  2. What got you into Asian dramas:
    I was bored one Christmas break and NX had a plan for me :smiley: In two weeks I found Viki and about two weeks after that I started translating to Croatian.

  3. Do you speak more than one language? …
    I speak Croatian, English and Norwegian. Due to the nature of my native language I also fully understand Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Slovenian.

  4. What’s the title of a fun or useful Discussion topic that you’d recommend visiting?
    A very useful topic which I’m personally dedicated to is “Want to subtitle? Let people know!” Great resource for beginner subtitlers, as well as those who are returning after a break from Viki.
    As for the fun one, although I like whenever our Contributor Community clashes, discusses and challenges itself over topics related to subtitling, segmenting and team management, one of the most fun topics I find is “Timed Comments that made you laugh, smile, etc

  5. What’s your favorite type of Asian drama?
    Anything with an intelligent script related to social issues. Actually, anything that Seo Hyun Jin acted in, Lee Woo Jung wrote the script for, or Shin Won Ho or Kim Won Suk directed.

  6. What’s the kindest thing someone has done for you recently?
    A friend organized a birthday dinner for me when I didn’t have time to even think about celebrating :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  7. Your favorite Viki memory?
    It’s always finishing translating dramas which leave a permanent impact on me, such as Misaeng: Incomplete Life, My Mister and Reply 1988.

  8. Is there a fellow Viki Contributor that you’d like to shoutout? Can you share who that is and why? :heart:
    Just one? Impossible! Thank you, @marykarmelina, for offering to guide me during my first project as a CM. Shout out to @irmar for always being ready for a discussion – anywhere and anytime. Thank you to @damiechan and @deval_chloe for always being kind, professional, reliable and ready to help (no matter how many projects you already may have).

  9. What would you like to accomplish before the end of the year?
    Finish lots of projects on Viki and find a new real-life job.

  10. You get one Viki drama to watch for the rest of your life. What is it?
    Reply 1988. Something for everyone. And a true testament that people, emotions and human relationships are the same all around the world.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us, Bozoli (@bozoli) & Simi11 (@simi11)! If you’d like to be highlighted in an upcoming Monthly Update, please send a message to Brenda here. Thanks!


They deserve it 🫶🏻


Thank you @brendas that’s very nice of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d like also cheer on @bozoli to her 10 years discussions anniversary :clap:
and there is also @lutra with 10 years and probably some others here I don’t have time to check. Perhaps lutra and others want to share also these questions with their answers here :smile: :clap: :clapper: :champagne:


Happy 10th anniversary.


You guys did really great


I am bad in keeping it short, so I passed this opportunity, if you are curious about one question @simi11 I will answer it for you …


Ok. Thanks

Thank you for recognizing @bozoli and @lutra 's 10 year anniversary as well, @simi11 ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here are a few others who are also active and celebrating 10 years as well! Shoutouts to:
:sparkles: @kobolt
:sparkles: @dudie
:sparkles: @bjohnsonwong
:sparkles: @gesti_lagi
:sparkles: @ajumma2
:sparkles: @biankalex
:sparkles: @kakashiandme
:sparkles: @biolince
:sparkles: @danylor
:sparkles: @mas4
:sparkles: @marykarmelina
:sparkles: @cgwm808
:sparkles: @silvercat
:sparkles: @angelight313_941
:sparkles: @lazarini
Thank you for continuing to be a part of this community. Happy anniversaryl! :clap: :partying_face: :sparkler: :fireworks:


Almost 14 years for me next week :partying_face: When Viki was still Viikii with the ugly grey and lime green :rofl:


Yess, but it was relaxing for the eyes. You’re a bit longer at Viki than me, for me, it will take a few more months before it’s 14 years. Dudie, did you ever use a cookie or muffin as an avatar, or a pumpkin? I got such a bad memory the past few years, it makes me wonder …


I don’t think I ever used a cookie or pumpkin but I might have used a muffin many years ago. Not totally sure though.


I also created my account while it was Viikii back in 2009 (Viki was officialy launched in 2010), so I hold the Old School Badge. Maybe can’t volunteer much comparing with others but I was loyal to Viki all these years contributing the most I could while being a wife, mom and having a stressful job.
@dudie Maybe Brenda meant10 years on Discussion?!


This has peaked my interest! @simi11, what is a long-distance garden friend? And does it involve cocktails? :smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:(When one says garden party, I think of :cocktail::cocktail:)

Thank you, @brendas, for the questions. One of them in particular was very interesting… So, I would be very happy to hear what @lutra and the rest of this community would answer:

You get one Viki drama to watch for the rest of your life. What is it?

I know I now have to watch Jumong! :smiley:


Trouble — I can’t only one …

… it’s all about my mood, if it comes to my favorite drama, so in no particular order:

Just Between Lovers - Thank You - My Lovely Kim Sam Soon - Pride (Japan) - Queen Seon Deok - Shut Up: Flower Boy Band -

I could name more, but will leave it at this, it’s not even 1% of the amount of Asian drama I have watched in more than a decade. Ironically there is only 1 left at Viki of these for me to watch …


You can actually choose one drama title? :smiley:


Lots of familiar names! I think most of us have been with Viki for more than 10 years, so this must be the 10 year anniversary for Viki Discussions.


I loved Misaeng, and enjoyed Reply 1988, but never watched My Mister. It seemed pretty dark and depressing when I saw a little bit of its trailer. But now I’m intrigued. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.


Please do, you’ll get through the darkness, and smile. I had it on my watchlist for a while, it was another thread here in discussions that let me experienced what I had been missing. I watched, and have not regretted!


What if your life depended on it? :laughing:


Hi Olja, you are funny :smile: Well it is as I said, Astrid is a long distance garden friend. She’s in Germany and I’m in Switzerland. I started to work in a community garden some years ago and Astrid has her own garden. So we talk about things that gardeners do, issues, vegetables and projects. I indeed wished we could also have :cocktail: or :beers: while we talk about it; perhaps one day that will happen :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But I do have occasional gatherings at the community garden with other garden friends which is very nice, we also exchange seeds and seedlings while we sip on something :wine_glass: :heart_eyes:.