[Viki Community Team] August 2023 Updates

Seg-Subtember Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in the badge poll! There were over 550 responses for the final vote, and we are happy to announce that the Seg-Subtember Challenge badge will be Blobby holding a gemstone :gem:! Click below to see the results.

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We’re reworking some of the challenge details based on your feedback, and more information will be shared with you soon. RSVP for the challenge that’s happening September 1st – 30th (UTC)!

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Happy 10th Anniversary, Discussions Forum!

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since our first Discussions Post?

Here are 3 more Discussions topics for you to enjoy as a celebration! We hope you’ll join in the comments!

Site Updates

Coming Soon…

Thank you to all who have checked out the new Applications Manager tool and provided feedback!

Based on some of the most popular requests, we will be making quite a few changes to the Applications Manager tool! :tada: More updates to follow soon!