[Viki Community Team] Contributor Help Center & Training Videos

Hello everyone!

We are excited to share that we have a new dedicated Help Center just for our Contributor Community!

This new space has been organized to help you find answers quicker and get information specific to the Contributor world.

Here are just a few of the features you’ll find:

  • New Viki U training videos to help onboard new Contributors.
  • FAQs, a Glossary, and updated help articles so knowledge is always at your fingertips.
  • VIA (beta) – who is here to help answer some of your questions.

We’ve also given the Contributor Help Center a vibrant look and feel that’s representative of our Contributor Community. Be sure to check out how Blobby is representing each of our new categories!

You can access our Contributor Help Center through our new url: https://contributorhelp.viki.com/

If there’s an article or information you’d like to see added to the Help Center, please tell us in the comments below.

Thanks for being part of our Contributor Community!

Viki U Training Videos

Are you interested in joining the Viki Contributor Community, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Introducing: our new Viki U training videos! This series of short videos will teach you everything about becoming a Contributor, the different Contributor paths you can take, and how to use our tools!

Where are the training videos located?

Our training videos are located in the “Getting Started” section of our Contributor Help Center!

Start your contributor journey with Viki U today!



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I just wish the reports/requests in help center were funtional

PS.: What should I do now, if I want to report someone for creating horrendous subtitles (straight up google translate, not even genders of characters matching)?
The displayed method is clicking the report button, but the only case I’ve gotton response is this

And it’s the case where I pressed the report button, so you should have the username. I also attached the screenshots by adding them in the help center as a continuation of the report.
It got closed, because I didn’t respond within a week, while I was waiting for an answer for more than a year XD
A lot of reports look like that

I honestly don’t even remeber what examples I reported this person for and I don’t know what exactly Viki sees from my report.
Does reporting people even make sense?


I have started, directly after reporting a person, to copy the same text in the opened ticket again and the link to the profile and the drama. This way I can track who I have reported for what in the tickets at all.

Maybe that’s a solution for you in the future to track that. And the help center responds to my report. Most of the time I get an answer before the ticket is closed. For the others, where I didn’t write anything, there is no reply.


I have a two years old baby, too :joy:

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I can beat that :laughing:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-31 um 17.26.05


I started doing it too since I noticed (I didn’t paste it here, because privacy), but mostly for myself.
My reports still are unanswered for most parts.

I think it might be an issue of a popular/unpopular language?
And I don’t report that many people so maybe if I did it more I’d get a higher percentage of answered reports? I have few reports so they might have just gotten unlucky.

I kind of do, too.
It got closed without any reason, so it’s the original issue reopened

You’re going for the record :smiley:

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Off topic, but,
We can have a “Most Unanswered Tickets” championship. One can win various prizes across different categories – most unanswered, most closed tickets without answering, no action taken on subject of the ticket.


I actually only report those who want to be on my team and then I see in the profile only dots and dashes, instead of a translation.

Do we then also get a badge for it :face_with_monocle: Then I’m in :joy:

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Must post on Discussions about it daily to qualify for the badge.



You made my day!

@vikicommunity so these 2 will be gone ?? How will I reach sb when after 22 days nobody reads my open ticket. Although I was answered sb will read my ticket, it looks now after 1 month my Open ticket wasn’t read yet.

So, as I read here others with having Open tickets for very long, it looks at the ask community section the questions or posts are faster read…
so where does this leave me or us in general?

Please ad somewhere removal of Moderator position, since Viki changes regions, folks have no access to work on it, so please facilitate removal.

Over a year ago I had this problem Viki solved it after some time and again “miraculously” put me there once again, please remove me, see ticket! Much appreciated :pray:

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yeah, a Blobby holding a question mark that change colors :joy::joy:


Re: Suggested revision for viki training video Viki U: Contributor Basics
@00:11 “Let’s get go!” needs to be corrected to “Let’s get going!”
1:01 “How long a subtitle is on screen for is based on the length of the segment.” The “for” should be removed.
1:53 “Subtitles are dialogue, music, and signage displayed on screen.” should be rewritten to:
subtitles are the written form of dialogue, music lyrics, and text on screen.” Signage has a specific meaning and would not, for example, include a newspaper headline, a portion of a written document, a magazine or book’s name, etc.
3:10 “Segmenters create segments using viki’s Subber tool” should be rewritten to “Segmenters create segments using viki’s segment timer tool”
3:21 “After the segments are complete, English subtitlers complete the English subtitles.” should be re-written to “After the segments are created, English subtitlers create the English subtitles.”
4:15 “Who the subtitle team members are & their specific role in the channel” Should be re-written as “The avatars/viki names for each channel team member and their specfic role on the team.” (Why is an & used when the video didn’t need to save two spaces from the three character word “and”?)

Viki U 105: Team Structure and Workflow @2:19 “English moderator assigns parts to subtitlers.” I have personally contributed to over 300 channels and never once has the English moderator had the luxury of a team so large that parts could be assigned. It is usually please come when you can and sub as much as you can”


Lately, it has also been a lot of “The show comes presubtitled so no English subbers are needed.” :upside_down_face:


And no Portuguese, Spanish or French are needed.



Ne sais pas si ca provient suite au 3 dernieres ( ICI → ce mercredi 13 sept 2023) maj windows10
et peut-etre faut il un laps de temps pour finaliser le rendu final de ces 3 maj

toujours est-il que depuis
quelque soit le drama voire film

apparait message

Video Player is loading.This is a modal window.The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

je ne vois aucune discussion ouverte ou alors autant pour moi si elle est ouverte.



I don’t know if this is a result of the last 3 ( HERE → this wednesday 13 sept 2023) windows10 upgrades
and maybe it takes a while to finalize the final rendering of these 3 maj

in any case, since then
whatever the drama or film

message appears

*Video Player is loading.this is a modal window.the media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

I don’t see any open discussions, or I might as well if there are.


Hi, I have the same problem, and I use a Macbook. The application has the same problem.
This message appears: the media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

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Bonjour, j’espère que tu vas bien !
Je n’ai pas de soucis particulier pour voir les vidéos, même après la grosse mise à jour. J’utilise Opéra, mais je n’ai pas essayé sur les autres.



Oui ca va relativement bien Merci. Espère qu’il en est de même pour Toi.

Ici aussi c’est Opera et je pense que c’etait dù au laps de temps pour le rendu final suite aux 3 dernières maj

Ca depuis C’est redevenu possible :slight_smile:

Merci pour ta réponse ~