[Viki Community Team] February 2021 Updates - Editor Role Coming Soon!

의 when added to a noun is the possessive particle – the syllable is usually pronounced “ui” but when the syllable is used as a possessive particle, it is pronounced “eh”


So… the ‘‘eh’’ must be silent bc I don’t hear it or maybe bc I don’t know Korean I can’t tell the difference. I still don’t hear it when I click the small audio phone? I clearly hear only the ‘n’ at the end.


This is simply the word, but in the scene it is used in a sentence, for example as “satan and his disciples”.
As I understand, the -eh could be the “his”, because in agglutinative languages the possessive particle is added to the noun as an affix (sorry for my English).
I heard different endings.


Do you have the exact timing for it? Maybe I was listening to a different part.

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Well, at the beginning of episode 4 they repeat part of episode 3 and the nun says the word again (she’s exorcising the poor child) I can hear the word clearer. I counted 5 times she says that word from end of episode 3 to episode 4 (it could be more times but I only counted 5). So I suggest you start from the beginning of episode 4 and see if there’s any difference bc I honestly can’t tell.

PS Thank you for taking the time to help me understand the complexity of the Korean language. You have all my respect of being an expert in this field, and I love the quality you give to your work. Forgive me for not following honorifics but in my Island we are all family. Although in my beginnings I was rude, i wasn’t too familiar with the culture, and forgive me if I ever offended you.

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Thank you so much. There’s nothing wrong with your English your explanation is simple and very clear. I’m writing all this in my notes, is good to have pointers that can help me ‘‘understand’’ what I find is the most difficult language to learn.

L.U.C.A Ep 4 - I watched up to 3:07, which is the same thing as the end of Ep. 3, and she says ‘Satan’ just once.

1:47 사탄의 (Sah-Tahn-eh) 악의와 간계에서 (Satan’s malice and trickery) - She is praying that God will be their protector from the malice and trickery of Satan.


Out of topic. sorry.Wow thanks the ‘‘eh’’ sounds is written as[ ui ] and I hear clearly the guy saying [sataneh] This is all going on my notebook. I hope more ppl watch the drama bc is so interesting and is something different for a change. Is weird though that the actor/actress changed so much I hardly can recognize them. The makeup department is amazing. The title for anyone interested is L.U.C.A. The Beginning.

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The Editor heading has been added to all Subtitle Teams. I notice that Channel Managers don’t seem to use it and continue using English Moderator. I have no more concerns regarding this matter. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a question regarding the actual topic of this thread :joy:

When adding the English Editor, I saw that I could choose languages, similar to how one would when adding a Moderator or a Subtitler. Additionally, the person I added was tagged as an English Editor under the Editor tab (not as just an Editor).

Does this mean that, despite what has Viki recommended, we can add Editors of Spanish, German etc? Theoretically, I mean.

Finally, I think there might be a bug. The Editor I added is visible under the Editor tab, but not under the All team members tab.



Well, if I can set up editors for any other language, this might cause issues. Especially with the ability to open and close episodes. It would be better if every moderator could only be able to add an editor for their respective language.

Imagine someone adds an English editor for an ongoing, or even finished drama who is then able to “play around” in the English episodes! *uuhhhh goosebumps


I think this might not be a problem. In other words, I doubt Moderators would abuse this power, same as they currently don’t abuse the power to add Subtitlers into any language other than their own.

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True, I don’t think moderators will do that … but I work as process manager, and always have to bear the “worst case” in mind. This was just a thought which crossed my mind when I saw that new feature, and that every moderator can add an editor in another language.


I have to share Marina’s concerns. How often moderators are used who are relatively new. We have just experienced 2 translators who have no experience (0 translations) being used as moderators by a CM. They fortunately reached out to experienced volunteers for help. But there are also some who then struggle through it alone and perhaps change something out of ignorance, which they are not allowed to do because they have the opportunity.


I hope you’re not serious about that … :open_mouth:

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In this case two people should be complete ignoramuses to make this mistake. And even then, it’s difficult they would mess up because they combined have to do three mistakes in a row:

  1. The moderator would add their colleague as an Editor of a wrong language.
  2. That new Editor would then not see their title is wrong (ie. instead of becoming a German Editor, their role in the project shows as Spanish Editor)
  3. The Editor would then have to choose that precise one (Spanish) language among all the languages offered at Viki and proceed to edit the subs in that language he or she does not understand.

Because it’s a two-person control system, with both the Moderator and the Editor, I don’t see any chance of an accidental mistake happening.

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No, what I mean is that this unknown person, because he thinks he has found something wrong in English (or any other language), has the possibility to change something there, because he can open the episodes. How often do we have discussions here that someone interprets something differently or the origin of a word is discussed. If you can only put editors in your own language, such mistakes can’t happen (whether by accident or on purpose)

Addition: Until now, only the CM and the moderator could open the episodes of each language. Now, actually, any moderator can open all episodes of each language. For me this is a step backwards and not an improvement.


I gather from your previous comment that this has actually happened in one of your projects.

  1. A newbie without experience and knowledge that he or she should not change English (or any other than their own) language should never be appointed a moderator. That is why Viki has a long time ago established rules about who is qualified for the moderator role.

  2. If such a newbie is added as a Moderator and then does that mistake, in my opinion the responsibility lies solely on the CM. If… and that’s a big if… but, if as a CM would grant a newbie a Moderator role, at least you have to explain some fundamental rules of what should and what should never be done.

  3. I also think we shouldn’t impose restrictions and make Viki IT team work (and potentially make things even buggier) based on exceptions. As a rule, if proper role assignment is honoured, these types of errors rarely occur.

With regards to the locks, if the English is complete, it should be locked immediately. Same as any other language out there. It’s Viki’s own recommendation. Croatian subs cannot be unlocked by a German Moderator.

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Moderators can only lock and unlock the episodes in their respective language. And editors as well. You don’t have access to other languages, when the episodes are closed.

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Recently we had such a case within the German community. A new subber sent me a PM and asked, what she should do. She wanted to contribute for a drama and was directly added as the German moderator. Since I didn’t want to scare her off, I told her, she should look for an experienced Co-Moderator, who would explain everything to her, help her and give her any guidance. Because I had no time to help her out for the whole drama, we agreed, that I would invite her into our German kakaotalk chat for moderators and subbers and she would ask around, if anyone would jump in and help her.

She did find help and two moderators took over the drama and as far as I know the newbie was part of the subber team.

And yes, you’re right, if a channel manager really accepts a new subber for the moderator position, yes he/she should give this newbie some kind of guidance and if not, he/she is completely responsible for any implications.